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  • парни ебашут как надо. То есть по-христиански.
  • underrated as fuck
  • охуенные
  • чебурашка
  • I normally hate "metal" bands that do nothing but breakdowns but there's something about this band that makes me like them.
  • They're working on new stuff, woo! Loved them since "Unbreakable", can't wait for more.
  • "CRIMSON GRIM" seriously ᕮ(^ω^)ᕭ
  • great band. great message
  • Хрень
  • Choke is a really great song.
  • Even now that I don't even listen to them anymore seeing these guys' plays is kinda sad.
  • my first thought when I saw name of the band: mix of children of bodom and my dying bride.
  • MyPeanutButter MyJelly
  • Matt I'm simply in love with you (: Not for your looks but simply never giving up <3 You amaze me , an i would love to meet you one day an get a kiss from you! LOL
  • MyChin MyBalls
  • MyCheese MyBread
  • They were originally named 'MyWife AndKids'. True Story. [2]
  • melodic hardcore? oh wow!
  • the new album is fuckin unbelievable ♥ great Melodic hardcore band
  • Hi There! Check out my deathcore/metalcore bands single "At the worlds end" here: AND "like" Our facebook page here: Thank you in advance!
  • They were originally named 'MyWife AndKids'. True Story.
  • last album awww~
  • nice one
  • \o\ AWESOME
  • imo, the last album is their best. can't stop listening. Also liked "Having the Heart for War" in 2006 =)
  • @down can't agree, it's great!
  • New album is awe...........ful.
  • can't say anything good about new album. Mediocre metalcore
  • Finally get to see them next Wednesday! Been waiting like 3+ years to see them, god damn!
  • New album should be set as their new sound. Its just amazing, hopefully I'll be able to see them April 4th.
  • Circle the Sky is still favorite of all time.
  • nice album. good atmosphere.
  • the second by the awesomeness album of them (after unbreakable)
  • New CD's quite good but there is a lot of better bands than they.
  • лучший metalcore альбом последних двух лет
  • on wings of integrity pt.II the best breakdown
  • boring
  • I still think Lost Boy is their best release.
  • never listened to them before, but the new album is pretty good.
  • God of Nothing is my favorite off the new album. So good!
  • The Endless ! <3
  • new phtoto uploaded:, please vote it up :)
  • i think i'd go so far to say that the new album is their best yet. [2] First album I've actually bought. I liked Lost Boy and Unbreakable but this is a step in the right direction for these guys.
  • I met them yesterday!!!! :D They were on break yesterday in Baton Rouge in the Mall I work in at the Hot Topic i work at :D
  • MyChildren MyBride > Unbreakable > Lost Boy
  • i think i'd go so far to say that the new album is their best yet.
  • new stuff is amazing!


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