• 50 Favorite My Morning Jacket Songs of All-Time (50-27)

    9. Jun. 2011, 19:52 von biles1234

    I've listened to just about everything MMJ has ever released and ranked a list of approximately 150 songs. This was pretty hard to do and there's quite a few tracks that I originally thought would be no-brainers on here and didn't even make it! So yeah, get ready for snubs. MY ONLY RULE: only original studio versions, no covers or live recordings.

    Below are my selections for the top 50 My Morning Jacket songs. I will update this regularly, so make sure to check back!

    51. Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt. 1Evil Urges (2008)
    Above a layer of shimmering synths and a tight bassline, Jim James' protagonist wallows in loneliness. Musically, it depicts a cold world where technology increasingly dominates. It's also perhaps the most electronic-heavy track MMJ has done to-date, and it works.

    50. They RanThe Tennessee Fire (1999)
    Virtually all of The Tennessee Fire invokes a twilight landscape in my mind and “They Ran” validates the mental image. …
  • The Dream

    1. Jun. 2010, 13:44 von Moon_Pix

    Last dream i had in last 6 months was of you and me driving to the beach.
    Overtired from work and stress and parting ways we just sat down in that old black car and kept drivinig without a word, hurrying , rushing to where we both knew we were going.
    We stopped the car on the edge of the cliff overviewing the ocean and the sky , got out fast and slammed the door behind.
    I could feel the wind strongly blowing all through my big black cotton dress and you , you took your baseball cap off your head and looked at me with that boyish bliss in your eyes. We both smiled taking a deep breath, knowing we belong.

    When i told you about the dream you asked me just one question : "Who was driving?."
    "You ", i said.
    I don't think i ever had a bigger smile on my face.

    That was the last dream i think i'll ever have.
    It took my heart away.

    Phone Went West
  • The Way That He Sings

    29. Jun. 2006, 3:12 von elchode

    I'm going to have to go ahead and say it. The My Morning Jacket set was by far one of, if not the greatest show I have ever seen by any artist. I've seen my fair share of shows in my 23 years, and for contemporary artists I've seen the required artists. But one look at this show's set list and you know its something good.

    For one, the band connected with the audience instantly. As JJ's voice crescendoed, the crowd seemed to swell and erupt in a sort of rapture that is rare for artists today. It's not the excitement of teenage twenty something girls at a Dave Matthews show. Instead it's a connection that seems to invade each person in the audience, something you could feel coming out of those around you and it swept you up with it. All this was evidenced by the drifters and rogues who wandered around the fields surrounding the stage. Most of them weren't My Morning Jacket fans, but if you asked them why they skulked over, their answer seemed to echo something along the lines of "i'm not sure. …