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My Chemical Romance

Interlude (0:57)


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  • I'm hearing Jeff Buckley as opposed to Radiohead.
  • holy shit i came here to say this sounds like radiohead but i guess you guys beat me to it
  • Damn you!!! all I can hear is radio head now!!! lol
  • I love this but I always jump when the song ends and the next one of the album comes on cause its a loud guitar riff. Hey everybody! Do yourself a favour and check out this one man (one amazing man) band::: My fatal desire!! He's a sweedish singer, with two albums. One is called my drunken lullabies and his newest -late 2012 release- was called sirelis. His style is acoustic and he has a beautiful raw voice. Check him out on::: Pure volume, This website @ or Facebook, Twitter @Myfataldesire google raven west twitter or buy his music at amazon MP3 store and ITunes. You can stream both albums free anytime anywhere all year through his own website also you can download his albums from his website at a lower starting price of 5 euros you can still get it if you're in the UK or US its currency is converted!
  • dat 7/8
  • Lol @a_barfight. Go listen to the unreleased Desert Song if you want to hear the rest of this...
  • Still think this sounds like radiohead. Doesn't mean I don't like it, relax dude. [2]
  • Every time this comes on, I start wondering how my ipod skipped to Thom Yorke.
  • Didn't expect them to do something in 7. Probably the guitarist's idea, he's got respect.
  • Still think this sounds like radiohead. Doesn't mean I don't like it, relax dude.
  • ha. i have their CD!!!! aNd I LOvE It
  • "Is this Radiohead?" It's My Chemical Romance. "More like My Chemical Ripoff. Jesus Christ, they better cut that check fast." (hyuk hyuk)
  • <3
  • So beautiful.
  • still my fav MCR record
  • reminds me a lot of Thom Yorke as well.
  • die
  • B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. <3
  • Feat. Thom Yorke.
  • Saints protect her now, come angels of the lord, come angels of the lord... That is SO beautiful song.
  • radiohead?
  • Woa man that was such a good interlude...
  • I have such a hate/love relationship with this song. I've always thought it's the worst song with My Chem (except for Teenagers) but now I've started liking it.. but.. still hate it somehow. Hm.
  • this song is beautiful
  • Despite how popular MCR is NOW, that album is really good.
  • It's hard to tell what he's saying, but I love it. :D
  • Come angels of unknown.. <3 this is such a great interlude!
  • this song is awesome, it gives me chills too.I can listen it again again and again
  • love mcr
  • [url=][img][/img][/url]
  • great.
  • i was about to say sounds just like radiohead
  • хорошая группа
  • sounds like Radiohead
  • MCR SAVED MY LIFE. This gives me chills.
  • MCR save LIFE
  • best interlude ever? its almost as good as [Silence] off the Watoosh! album :)
  • Now they have two different "Interlude" songs.
  • GO MCR!!!
  • I DISLIKE MCR to the fullest. How ever, I LOVE this song!!!!!!!!
  • i wish they'd gone further in this direction
  • Lykkin ;]
  • gr8
  • Sounds like Muse or Radiohead...
  • its a good question...
  • great song
  • Music elitists who thinks Way sounds like a woman, probably.
  • Why is this tagged 'female vocalists'. . ? D:

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