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  • Piano version (as in Hulabaloo) is PERFECT
  • WOW
  • Sounds at the beginning remind me of "Larks' Tongues in Aspic" by King Crimson :o
  • From beginning to end. this song is like a beautiful poem.
  • Rachmaninov!
  • This song can make me cry.....
  • cf. Tom Wait's 'Clap Hands'.
  • You're so funny and always surrounded <3
  • beautiful, mellow and definitely underrated
  • This song makes me happy.
  • played with human bones.
  • Spooky.
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  • Wjen, that's aboslutely amazing. I'd give anything to have been there. Only Muse can silence a crowd like that. The only version I think is better was, of course, Hullabaloo, because it was done on piano. The songs always seem more intimate, somehow, when Matt's on piano.
  • This song was magical at Leeds. It was slightly drizzly, and when they played the chorus, the brightest floodlights I have ever seen shone into the crowd, and you could see the rain highlighted in the floodlights, as the twinkly arpeggios ran up and down, arms in the was the highlight of my life. Best of all, the fuckers who were at the festival just to say "omg I was at Leeds festival" stood still and silent for the whole song, because they kept waiting for the breakdown to mosh to, which, of course, never came :)
  • can definitely hear the Tom Waits influence on this one
  • this is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard in my life
  • I don't care what people think, this is an AMAZING song. I almost started crying at Reading
  • this was so fucking beautiful at Reading
  • promisedeyes it's stupid call this song "emo". some people don't understand lyrics of Muse's songs
  • Explain to me please why people call this "emo".
  • Very eerie. Sounds like the guys are playing around a campfire.
  • It's.... diffirent, special, calm, pure etc.
  • My least favourite Muse song.
  • nice
  • Hide from the mirror, the cracks and the memories... Such an underrated song. And IMO guitar version is better.
  • Magnificent!
  • magical..!
  • Hullabaloo version > Studio version
  • The piano version is pretty nice, but the album version is much better in my opinion.
  • Dear God, this is so beautiful! I'm in love with chorus <3
  • I love the vocals on this, but it's so much better on the piano/live. It just makes the album version disappointing.
  • Que magnífico!
  • It's so much better live. :)
  • kidding? it's beautiful.
  • amazing voice, amazing drums, amazing guitar, amazing band
  • slowish, but GOOOOOD
  • Sadly, I'm a screenager :( Should get off the computer more often.
  • It makes me sad that the guitar version is the one on the album. Clearly, the piano version is much...much better.
  • I love Matt's voice! Its the most beautiful I've ever heard! And I love this song <3
  • I like the percussion on here but I prefer the live version where Matt just plays the piano, that's probably how they should've recorded it with just a piano, no guitar parts.
  • Why is there so much hate for this song? It's a subtle song, and possibly the weakest one instrumentally on the album, but Matt's singing is so touching.
  • Magic...
  • Fantastic!
  • Also loving Hullabaloo version! Love the title too :)
  • the live hullabaloo version has so much more energy. love the piano.
  • So many teens have been victimized by our society that teaches that short-term fixes will solve problems. Our capitalistic society has commercialized sex, drugs, etc. for tv/radio ratings and profits. I had to hide the fact that I was gay from sixth grade through the first couple years of college and that's a lot not to share with anyone. When you grow up hiding something like your sexuality or being sexually/physically abused as a kid or young adolescent, it will definitely change you for the rest of your life to some degree, maybe small, but perhaps drastic. This song just really hit home for me and has made me think about these issues for about an hour or so.
  • (2/2) Stand up for yourself and let everyone know the person you really are, not the person who thrives on shocking his loved ones and screens himself to hide low self-esteem. I know this song used to be called "Razor Blades" because of the teens that feel like they have to harm themselves to feel alive. I think the song is very dark but uplifting at the same time. The song starts out very innocent and becomes weighty. The chorus is heavenly then the guitar goes into a tangled mess for the verse. The lyrics are begging the person to be honest with himself, end the self-denial, and tries to convince the person that everyone wants you to lose your fakeness because you were such a beautiful creature because the real you was loved for your honest personality.
  • (1/2) too good. "hide from the mirror and the cracks and memories. stop your screaming, no one can hear" matt's voice is so pretty and angelic in this one. I think this song is about a teenager that feels like he is so alone in the world and no one is there to listen to him or understand him... So he turns to self-destructive behavior such as using drugs, cutting your wrists for attention, or other things to hurt oneself to just release the pain that is bottled up even though they know that they won't feel better or they're under the false impression that it will. They know that this hurts their friends/families but act like it doesn't. ("hide from your family, they won't know you now.") "Who you were was so beautiful" before this was such a beautiful person but your new identity that cries out for attention isn't right or healthy for you. You should never hide yourself from your friends/loved ones.


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