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Falling Away With You (4:41)


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  • why have they never played this liveeeeeeeee
  • Bloody hell, why have I always ignored this?
  • You know a band is mainstream if a song with 600,000 listeners is called "underrated as hell".
  • it's all about the verses. the rest of the song does not match their potential. [3] Have to agree with this. Although the verses are so magical that they are strong enough to carry the song. :)
  • <3
  • awesome
  • "For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse. So, collapse Crumble. This is not your destruction. This is your birth." ~n.t.
  • Awayvwith uuuia
  • Great Song
  • Superb
  • I love it ❤
  • One of most Muse underrated songs. And one of my favourites <3
  • What a love song!!
  • best! i just love this song! awesome!
  • <3
  • <3
  • underrated as hell
  • absolute heartbreak
  • In my opinion one of their best songs.. way too underrated.
  • it's all about the verses. the rest of the song does not match their potential. [2]
  • oh my love! ;(
  • this song wakes me up every day! and never did i ever got annoyed with it..seriously the most pleasant alarm song.
  • Amazing
  • @aneasthesia the only song you really like from muse? o_O have you listend to many songs from muse?
  • the only song I really like from Muse...why is it criticized that much? "I'll love whatever you've become" Brilliant.
  • Oh yes it does! Such a great chorus.
  • it's all about the verses. the rest of the song does not match their potential.
  • responding to earlier comments, the band said that even in the studio, this song never quite "clicked," so they never performed it live. Honestly, even though I LOVE this song, you can kinda hear the labor put into it... it tends to rely on the sound fx too much for the style of Absolution, and especially with Matt's live singing style, it would get kinda old past the 2 minute mark. Muse knows what songs are good for studio, and which are good for live, so you gotta give some props to them for sticking to their guns :D
  • Very nice song...
  • this song has a U2 vibe, very beautiful nevertheless
  • It's sad that this song has never been played in its entirety live. I really love this song.
  • my world has crumbled
  • ♥.
  • I just love this song.
  • Hermosa! amo todo! la letra, la melodía, los efectos, la manera en que Matt la canta... es la perfección! ♥
  • This song everytime make me cry [2]
  • ♥.♥
  • This song everytime make me cry
  • pretty much my favourite song of all time.
  • Amazing song ♥
  • Song of my life.
  • Adoro a melodia!
  • According to Chris, it never really "worked" when they practised it as a band in the studio.
  • Why do they still refuse to play this song live. It's easily one of my top5 favorite muse songs.
  • <3 !!!
  • Nä, nä !!!??
  • watching the flashbacks intertwine~
  • awersome


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