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  • Overkill is better, perfect album nonetheless.
  • Eh? This one's pretty much great from front to back.
  • half perfect and half shit
  • One of my favourite Motorhead albums. So many classics.
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  • The chase is better than the catch , probably the best song ever..
  • The best Motörhead album imo
  • Still a classic after all these years
  • It's very hard to make an album with more than ten songs without fillers. Well Motorhead have done it. Even the bonus tracks aren't fillers...
  • best! The chase is better than the catch! Absolutely briliant
  • Awesome!!!!!!
  • Great attitude, total commitment, heavy as lead and ...good songs as well ?! Motorhead were never better. a true classic.
  • Hello guys, watch this video ( made by the brazilian band The Hammer (Motörhead cover) and like the page on facebook (, they rock! Thank you and stay heavy! \m/
  • all killers, no fillers
  • magnum opus
  • I find it hard to listen to these days, too many memories attached to it that I miss... was great make out music though. Songs like 'Love Me Like A Reptile', 'Fast and Loose', and 'Jailbait' really get to me.
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  • ♠ the best!!!!
  • this HAS to be the best album for sex ever.
  • My all-time fave in rock music.
  • Overrated.
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  • Now I see why everyone says that Lemmy is God. This album is great.
  • kilmister!!! \m/
  • where are you snaggletooth?? :D
  • kick ass record
  • i cant believe i havent checked this album out for such a long time...i mean motörhead are place 1 in my charts xD
  • que mas se puede decir de este album?
  • I dowloaded this cd, and it came with a picture of a wolf called Dingo. wtf?
  • So Under-rated !!! At least 20 milion scrobles to that masterpiece !!!
  • ♠♠♠
  • I think this is the best Motörhead album !!! Long live Lemmy the King !!!
  • Lemmy you are GOOD !!
  • Not overrated, this deserves to be claimed as the best motörhead album (2)
  • Why the fuck scrobbles this album as "Motorhead" instead of "Motörhead"?
  • This album isn't overrated. Song Ace of Spades is overrated, that's fact, but album isn't. Anyway, this is great album.
  • ♠_♠!
  • ♠ !!
  • Maybe the best rock record ever.
  • 'maybe a overrated album '. no fucking way, this is rock and roll perfection.
  • no, it's (We are) The Roadcrew
  • Roadcrew or Road Crew?
  • [brain], I think (We Are) The Roadcrew has the least listens because of it's tagging. Can be done in multiple ways.
  • Best album of Motörhead
  • maybe a overrated album
  • The breakhrough in Europe - compared to "Bomber" they extremely improved their songwriting. For the 1st time a real fine loud production from Motörhead! Thanks to Vic Maile (R.I.P.) This is a truly classic of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. On the way they invented Thrash Metal!! Nobody dared to play that fast like Phil Taylor did on this album.


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