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  • Hello Everyone, We are running an experimental project in memory of John Cage in TELEGRAM in which people record 4' 33" of their lives and send it to us with some hashtags, for example #home #my_room #Reading etc.. come and JOIN US!!!! https://telegram.me/The4mins33Secs
  • "In my music I am … involved with the decay of each sound, and try to make its attack sourceless. The attack of a sound is not its character. Actually, what we hear is the attack and not the sound. Decay, however, this departing landscape, this expresses where the sound exists in our hearing – leaving us rather than coming towards us."
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  • Like bulls gone amok in bloody red trails of aimless fury, in their desperation to suggest anything at all, artificial prognoses of aesthetic understandings continue to keep painting their foreseeing ineptitudes with minimalistic strokes of web-spread nothingness. Why is it that the question which asks why baseless connotations are losing their promised self-disillusioning omnipotence in vague contextuality spiffed up as symbolism is still worth putting in an era of multilateral, firmly fastened progress lays beyond my reach of kindness to permit myself to spit blessings of toleration towards its dry springs. When the descriptive nature of things is obscured by velocity and weight, it is more than oftentimes that feeble-minded slowpokes will run far and away from the meat of things, and then call their cowardly mental fugue art, or worse, pass it on further in the sheep Olympics of mirroring as a viable product. It is music alright, but more than that is evolutionary stalling,
  • for, contrary to procrastination, it deliberately contributes to the death of any what’s left of the adherence towards the dynamism of truth. The notion of minimalism in music functions like that, it is merely a butchering of minima moralia’s frameworks, a shifting of its gestures of representation from functional recognization to mimesis dressed as an excuse for stylistic renewing - the very definition of inefficiency, of not doing anything by doing too much, kinda like this shout, oh.
  • Rothko Chapel goes beyond any kind of trascendental wannabe music I've ever heard. Really impressing, I love it.
  • come to brazil [5]
  • he's like my neighbour Totoro [2]
  • I don't want to listen to anything but Morton Feldman what's wrong with me help
  • still not minimalism
  • come to brazil [4]
  • The complexity of minimalism (though he composed before the "minimalist" trend)
  • come to brazil [3]
  • come to brazil [2]
  • come to brazil
  • Patterns in a Chromatic Field deserves more plays...
  • Extraordinary
  • He's like my neighbour Totoro. ^^
  • I put it back: http://www.last.fm/music/Morton+Feldman/+images/98698243
  • I miss that colour picture.
  • Хороший дядька.
  • What happened to that coloured picture of him? It was lovely.
  • если Кейдж - лучший теоретик нью-йоркского авангарда, то Фельдман - лучший мелодист
  • When I die bury me inside the cello-store
  • not me Anonymous 01/08/14(Wed)01:28 UTC No.43206375 [Reply]Replies: >>43206579 itt: pleb stories >chilling with friends >put morton feldman's second string quartet >confront myself and my self (as an ontological historical entity) with the mirror of atonality (as a mirror is not an empathic but a reflexive entity, alien to the space and time it reflects and only existing by itself in relation to the other) and realize the boundaries of human thought, comprehension and consciousness >reach rational ecstasy >pleb friend gets up and says "what is this silence shit, lmao, put some nirvana" >get angry at their rockist subaltern consumption conditioned by the structures of power of the imperialist white economies, but contain it >calm myself down by remembering quotes from finnegans wake, my favorite book since i was a teenager >mfw can't express myself because i'm a spectator in the society of spectacle
  • true musicians are fat [2]
  • tough as nails
  • necessary ballot http://www.last.fm/music/Morton+Feldman/+images/93627285
  • It's amazing though so who cares
  • minimalism this is not
  • true musicians are fat
  • big fat fat man titties
  • i bet he had big fat titties hiding under his jackets
  • Morton Feldman with ever-present cigarette. Genius!
  • The Live at Buffalo recording of Crippled Symmetry is magic! Much more fun to listen to than The EAR Unit recording, which is nice to have as a reference copy for close analysis maybe (since it sounds to me like it was recorded with close-mic'ed instruments?) but sounds kind of sterile compared to the ambiance of the Buffalo. wondrous piece of music, regardless ^_^
  • genius
  • SQ2 comin'
  • mr. feldman, what are you doing with me?
  • feldon mortman
  • Has the California Ear Unit recording of 'for Philip Guston' on the Bridge label been bettered?
  • one time i found a morton feldman pin in my friend's place at school. no one in the room aside from me knew who he was. it was weird.
  • glad he's on tour
  • *
  • Uncle Morty
  • Morton Feldman: Complete Chronological Catalogue in one 49-hour Spotify playlist www.spotifyclassical.com/2012/07/morton-feldman-complete-chronological.html
  • fatty but lovely
  • Feldman = Awesome


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