• July

    9. Aug. 2006, 9:37 von MonkeyHeroes

    Last Dance
    The Gift
    Boris the Spider
    Graduation Day
    Button For Punishment
    Into the Airwaves

    "Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she had to walk into mine."
  • Top Ten this week

    30. Jun. 2006, 8:01 von shinobi001

    The Jesus and Mary Chain 48
    I had been wanting "Automatic" for a while since I burned the album and decided it was worth buying. My music store said they couldn't order the album. I didn't think about it again for a while, until a few days ago when I decided to try and order the album again. Then, I saw it in the USED CD bin. Snatched it up.

    The number is so high, because I've been listening to "Blues From a Gun" over and over. Trying to learn the lyrics.

    Bob Dylan 23
    The man. Listening to his early stuff currently. I LOVE "Freight Train Blues" and "Man of Constant Sorrow."

    3 Nick Drake 10
    Bought Five Leaves Left thinking I would like it since I like Pink Moon so much, but I'm a little disappointed. My media player was fucking up, so the vocal track was lower than everything else. Will give the album another listen. Maybe a third listen.

    4 Zero 7 6
    Started listening to Zero 7 because of a sudden interest in trip-hop. Love it all so far.
  • Morcheeba - Charango - Aqualung

    22. Jan. 2006, 23:10 von DaveShi

    sexy jazzy funky groovy happy