• Dandelion Radio - October 2008 shows

    2. Okt. 2008, 17:39 von DandelionRadio

    Voting has opened for the Festive50

    This month there are 23 hours, spread across 10 shows.

    Andrew Morrison:
    Andy's October show for Dandelion Radio features a live session from Alex Canasta, with four tracks recorded at their Copenhagen album launch party in August, along with a competition to win a copy of their debut album. As usual, there are two Tasty Tips from Teresa, and a Funky Five Minutes from Scott. The two hours of new and unsigned music include tunes from Lonely Ghosts, The Joy Formidable, Burial, and Decoration. Andy also marks the fourth anniversary of John Peel's death by playing one of John's favourite twelve-inch mixes. Listen in to find out what it is!

    Jeff Grainger:
    October's two hour Show follows the usual vague path previous shows have trodden; long, short, old, new and above all, getting hopelessly lost in the process. Accompanying our Album of the Month; F-A-R by Solanums and a brace of Northern Soul stompers. …
  • MFM Update.

    20. Nov. 2006, 10:06 von atiredmachine

    Monsters from Mars had a great show last Friday up in L.A. at a place called Il Corral. Great place, great crowd, great vibe. I got a new guitar amp, which is big and powerful, so I'm finally moving enough air, which makes a big difference.

    I spent much of today working on a new Monsters from Mars song that's coming along nicely. It's got a spooky organ lead, some motown/ereki-ish basslines, and a theremin counter-melody. It's also fast and dancey.

    A split 7" with The Creepy Creeps is in the works. Our tracks are probably going to be Pants Off Dance Off(which btw is a shitty inside joke title that nobody would get, and I guess now is a TV show, so we're going to change the name) and Hedorah No Shukudai. We're going record in like a week and a half.

    This coming Wednesday we're playing with Deadbolt at the Ken Club. On December 1st we play with The Clamour at the Tower Bar (also in San Diego).
  • Buh buh~

    31. Aug. 2006, 19:15 von Sewage

    oh friends I am so sleepy, I woke up to of Montreal playing on my computer and it lulled me right back to sleep~ it's slightly coincidental to me because last night I went to an indieish concert in UCSD at the Che Cafe and apparently one of the bands that performed was basically Of Montreal with out the lead.

    Anyway it was totally a little rat hole venue, had paintings and graffiti all over it~ If the damn camera wasn't broken I would have totally snagged some photo's, ahhh well.

    It was fun all the same~ I saw a lot of really good bands that i hadn't heard of~

    Playing were Red Pony Clock, Monsters from Mars, Nurses, The Donkeys, and Casper & the Cookies. Casper & the Cookies being the "of Montreal" project I guess. The bands I liked the most where Nurses and monsters from mars, I actually didn't like Casper & the Cookie as much as the others! Which might seem weird because I love Of Montreal. It might just be the set the played though~