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  • Avatar für DJ_Maschkoff
    <<Fun for Me>> - Batman & Robin movie
  • Avatar für House_13
    Roisin Murphy - Gone Fishing (Hairless Toys Tour) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMDZIc8Uyeg
  • Avatar für pablofreire
    Crítica sobre o disco novo da Róisin >> https://blastoiseshall.wordpress.com/2016/01/13/roisin-murphy-hairless-toys/
  • Avatar für GaaraGOinMusic1
    Indigo here we go-o
  • Avatar für Socjopatologia
    over & over it's over and over!
  • Avatar für juliette66
    Check out my stage performance singing "Sing it back": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBYLWgI1Vso
  • Avatar für cleitonquest
    MOLOKO is so good ^__^
  • Avatar für yadokary2
    One of the most beautiful female singers ever.
  • Avatar für Mr_Voicetube
    [url=http://www.last.fm/music/HighWay17/The+Nylon+Fillings/Dr.+Zee?setlang=en]"Dr. Zee" cover version, made by HighWay17[/url]
  • Avatar für SouthParkFun
    Relax music...
  • Avatar für letsbolt
    <3 time takes too much time please make the waiting stop and the atmosphere is charged
  • Avatar für LuDux
  • Avatar für DjsMix74
    Sing it back, baby!!! :-)
  • Avatar für MusiQ3985
    "Statues" is sooooo lovely!
  • Avatar für Nitro43
    "Never say never". I'd die if they reunite.
  • Avatar für RichieNewell
    Honestly, Should've been Could've been is the best song ever written ever.
  • Avatar für spicecrafts
    The guys eyebags always make me feel a bit nauseous :/
  • Avatar für siliconworld
  • Avatar für firefly2811
    What is a number without any time, You can't get higher with nothing to climb, Why have a body if you ain't got a mind, What is a searcher with nothing to find, Why is the traffic refusing to stop, Why climb the ladder if you can't reach the top,
  • Avatar für firefly2811
    What is a god of phoney creation, Where am I going with no destination, What if the fish came from the sea, What if my lover made me feel free, What if my intake caused revelation, What if the point was reincarnation,
  • Avatar für oidoperdido
    I agree with Azzyk. I wish i could see them live. New album please!
  • Avatar für Azzyk
    I wish I was born much earlier to see them live at least once ... :(
  • Avatar für xanti_j
    Nothing can come close to this familiar feeling...
  • Avatar für SimonePerrota
    After almost a decade, I have come to the conclusion that their debut is their best.
  • Avatar für Merve_Lee
    awesome live band [2]
  • Avatar für firefly2811
    awesome live band
  • Avatar für firefly2811
    great voice love forever more. awesome video to the track.
  • Avatar für SimonePerrota
    I wish Brydon would have dropped an instrumental album or something. He has a very unique way of putting tracks together.
  • Avatar für handcuter
  • Avatar für FraHelvete
    Just realized that Paddy Considine, one of my favourite actors and directors, actually appears in the video for "Familiar Feeling", a song that has been with me since my childhood. Surreal.
  • Avatar für LuDux
  • Avatar für LuDux
  • Avatar für juliendu48
    Sing It Back
  • Avatar für Mcarruthers
    damn, how did I forget about Moloko
  • Avatar für Horst-Detlef
    Róisín Murphy interview (in Swedish) about current releases http://www.zeromagazine.nu/art.asp?id=376
  • Avatar für ivilinpl
    Allow me to be every noise in your ear.
  • Avatar für Ainselitto
    That`s the guy! Thanks a bunch, LuDux!
  • Avatar für LuDux
    Last Moloko drummer was Dave/David/Davide De Ross. youtube.com/watch?v=yVbZe1TqH78 He also played on Roisin's Overpowered tour
  • Avatar für Ainselitto
    Does anybody know who played the drums in Moloko, and I don`t mean the big black fella... He`s got some proper skill, and I`d love to hear more from him!
  • Avatar für fladros
    Butterfly 747,I Can't Help Myself,Boo,Where Is The What If The What Is In Why,Blink,Being Is Bewildering
  • Avatar für rosslyng
    you you you you you you were my man
  • Avatar für sTAN1SLAS
    Sing it back >.<
  • Avatar für xSoulExperience
    Did they ever tour for "I am not a doctor"? I want to hear downsized live :'(
  • Avatar für claralunapop
  • Avatar für goGA_
    where is WHERE IS THE WHAT IF THE WHAT IS IN WHY? On position 19(!) What's wrong with you people?
  • Avatar für hauzzer
    [track artist=Moloko]Familiar Feeling[/track] on position eight? What's wrong with people?
  • Avatar für GOTNOTIME4BS
    I love the version of Knee Deepen on All Back to the Mine [2] It's amaaaaaazing!!
  • Avatar für Grin_80sC
    I love the version of Knee Deepen on All Back to the Mine => I love this track above all :-)
  • Avatar für petrolatum
    I love the version of Knee Deepen on All Back to the Mine
  • Avatar für pointoh
    I love Batman and Robin!


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