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Hunted by a Freak (4:08)


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  • sometimes I wear a coat when it's not appropriate to do so, aaaa.
  • Anyone else getting a Smashing Pumpkins/Feeder vibe off this?
  • What's up with the tag "songs to sleep to"; this is a song that makes you feel autistic, it's 6 minutes of mental fetal position. If you sleep to this song you're probably emotionally jaded and kill people in your spare time.
  • Estoy aquí por Ex Drummer.
  • This was pretty damn good at Glastonbury - I'd never even listened to Mogwai before that gig.
  • Just made me cry once again [3]
  • it's beautiful.
  • this song is like you're at the end of your days and you realise that life went wrong. so fucking melancholic. but then, and only then, you are able to overcome that and finally get free.
  • The Government Commissions version is the best.
  • That cello....Jeezus, that cello...
  • This song shakes me to the core of my being...
  • mogwai are very hit and miss for me, but I really like this track.
  • i find they're stuff very sexy
  • With this track, Mogwai came into my life :) [2]
  • With this track, Mogwai came into my life :)
  • Seeing Mogwai live was amazing
  • I don't even know what it's about but it's heart breaking.
  • Four months ago they were playing this right in front of me. Oh my God.
  • I could probably listen to this for hours [2]
  • Just made me cry once again [2]
  • Just made me cry once again.
  • just perfect
  • :'(
  • quite timeless .
  • forever.
  • Unreal song. The feelings I get listening to it are unlike any other. Still special throughout the years.
  • This is pretty sad as far as post-rock goes. Still cool, though.
  • this is the song that got me into post rock. brilliant melodies, brilliant interplay. <3
  • government commission version!!!
  • classic
  • makes me stunned every time, one of the best song ever
  • Timeless
  • this IS great. No need to worry about when.
  • When this came out it was great. It is still great.
  • This will always be my favourite song by Mogwai.
  • Everything that is great about Mogwai can be summed up by this song. Immaculate.
  • My Opiate Song.
  • A bullet of sunlight pierces the clouds; golden heaven touches ground/ I see that childhood toy that hangs above the crib and spins around/ Except it is suspended from a golden yellow sky/ With paper mache animals and gargoyles hoisted from it/ The golden Porsche makes its way up a Great Plains highway/ Glaring sunlight from its grill/ We never get a glimpse but there is the suspense /Of being hunted by a freak ---- At least this is what appears in my lyrics plug-in.
  • One day I'll know what is being said behind that vocoder...
  • This song reminds me Ratts of the Capital.
  • heard it again in Football Factory :D [2]
  • heard it again in Football Factory :D
  • such a good song
  • Love this song!
  • pinnacle of a genre [8]
  • oh u
  • pineapple of a genre [7]
  • pinnacle of a genre [6] ;P And along with Ratts Of The Capital the best songs from the album, in my opinion.
  • made a remix of hunted by a freak:


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