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  • Funky
  • Does Isaac even try to sing well anymore?
  • At first I didn't understand why you guys thought it sounded like Franz Ferdinand, but about halfway through the song when it gets into that groove I can definitely hear it. Anyway, this song is SO GOOD!!!!
  • the sound clip in the beginning of the fly makes me nauseous.
  • Modest Mouse meets Franz Ferdinand.
  • I now sort of want to see someone edit together a bunch of Space Ghost clips to make it appear that Brak is singing this song, sort of like what someone did with Cookie Monster and Tom Waits' "God's Away On Business".
  • I think this is my least favorite Modest Mouse track. This or "She Ionizes & Atomizes".
  • Totally Talking Heads.
  • this song is badass.
  • Still miss his ol' This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About style of singing...nonetheless this is still fun (but not endearing)
  • one of the highlights of this album. i love how raw this sounds
  • Second half redemption... I love MM but they can get so painfully annoying at times. How can they be so unlistenable and so great at the same time. This song is an example of them exposing their full range within a single song. Try "Gravity Rides Everything" or "Missed The Boat" or some of the other really great MM songs.
  • You tagged Fly Trapped in a Jar with ‘the new doin the cockroach’. just now
  • Lmao at the Brak comparison, how accurate. That said, I still love Modest Mouse.
  • Sometimes patience pays off, and sometimes it doesn't.
  • I think I'm gonna write an essay defending this song and post it here some time
  • I fucking love the fuck out of this fucking song. [1]
  • @masked_mouse. Yes, Talking Heads similarities, I agree. Didn't click until I saw your comment.
  • He doesn't sound like Space Ghost, but he does resemble Brak at times in this song.
  • @ritaelias, I dunno, I like that he sounds crazy and deranged
  • The second half of this song is so fucking cool.
  • if you mean he sounds like space ghost...then yeah, i think it's just you :)
  • is it just me or does the singer sound exactly like the guy from space ghost coast to coast?
  • Talking Heads?
  • i love modest mouse more than anyone ever. i can promise all of you that. ;)
  • after moon & antarctica, isaac brock began to use this crazy weird creep voice. he always sang intensely that but all of a sudden i feel like he developed this insane southern accent or something. feels like hes trying too hard, MAN I MISS THE OLD DAYS
  • amazing band
  • I fucking love the fuck out of this fucking song.
  • Great track....<3
  • great band indeed!
  • sounds great
  • Dear Modest Mouse, If you can't make another Moon & Antarctica, do us all a favor and stop making music. Thanks
  • Almost sounds like Franz Ferdinand (except vocals).
  • Great GREAT album!
  • Modest Mouse is simply amazing...Loved living in Portland
  • Just when you think they're about to wind down at minute 2:15 or so, they're comin' back strong. Attamouse!
  • ummm sexy
  • hm. quirky i like it.
  • entretenida!!
  • My favorite Mighty Mouse song, here I am to save the day
  • like a chorus with a rap in the middle,
  • This song makes me want to sing like a man ;)
  • Skate And Destroy
  • YEAH!!
  • talking heads...........?.........anything with that lilt is fine by me............
  • fucking love fuck )))
  • Weird song. I'm stuck between liking it and hating it.
  • Brilliant..
  • best song on mm's lastest CD, id say
  • I <3 this band!


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