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  • Very good band :D Clear, melodic and some core songs, music with feelings :3
  • very* sory xD
  • it's ery good i like it <3 *q*
  • @Element_X: But they are. Post-Hardcore is a subgenre of Punk.
  • V Superstitious fool.
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  • >Modern Day Escape is a Punk band. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
  • Rats > Gun, UTG is fucking boring man
  • Modern Day Swag
  • oh god it pains me to see this guy wearing a misfits shirt [2]
  • @Hitlers_Cum: Why? Misfits is a Punk band. Modern Day Escape is a Punk band. What's the problem?
  • Love this guys! Band is awesome ))
  • Amazing ☺
  • new album is good !![2]
  • hey guys, i just released my first song. go and check it out:
  • new album is good !!
  • nice
  • FuckTheAngels: How can you tell the sexual orientation of the entire band based on listening to their music?
  • Пидарасы. Сжечь.
  • FAGS!
  • Какая интересная эволюция то у них. Предыдущий альбом - клоны Escape The Fate. Новый альбом - нечто среднее между Atreyu и Story Of The Year.
  • top similar artist should be Glamour Is The Kill...they sound exactly the same as this band
  • Похожи на Escape The Fate очень
  • I can't get that old feeling the the EP or Last album I listened to by them. I was listening tonight; Escape the Fate vs. I Am Ghost is all I'm feeling.
  • kinda boring...
  • Hey like the new image they posted it's fucking badass and it should definitely be default.
  • Awesome album ! <3
  • @drumaboy70 Yes!
  • do people actually listen to this?
  • imo paddock park is not a similar artist...
  • yo les amo ♥
  • the drummer in the "HOLDING HANDS" video, is he still in the bands??
  • Next, we will make a band called "Old School Escape".
  • неплохо
  • need new album :)
  • lol..i don't know why u guys says he sounds like Ronnie. Ronnie has a better voice.. much better
  • I dont think he sounds like Ronnie =/
  • where the fuck is house of rats album here?????
  • XDMANISH - Yeah, Really similliar. I was thinking It's Ronnie
  • his voice is soo much like ronnie radke !
  • hidden behind the lines !
  • yaa sandra is here
  • Sandra Alvarenga off BVB ? *O*
  • Modern Day Escape The Fate... Hmm...
  • <33~
  • His voice sounds exatly like the voice of Ronnie Radke and the music style of this band reminds me of the old Escape the Fate...
  • Wow. Black Veil Brides are freaking everywhere. Get out of MDE. >:l
  • hidden behind the lines <3


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