• Beautiful pearls

    27. Nov. 2010, 11:42 von Eyoki

    Fri 26 Nov – Mishaped Pearls:

    Got the shock of my life when i arrived - twenty minutes early - for this: the band were already playing. Or so it seemed anyway. Turned out to be a soundcheck. Phew! I could just imagine what my mate M would've said if she'd turned up to find the time had been changed and she'd missed the gig.

    As soon it got going it was clear that Mishaped Pearls sound every bit as beautiful live as they do on record. It was wonderful to hear favourites such as Aurora and Amores live. The first of those two features lyrics by the Roman poet Ovid according to vocalist Manuela Shuette (her explanations about the origins and meanings of the songs were much appreciated). It's a passionate, gorgeous song and has completely changed my ideas about Latin which i'd previously always thought of as a cold, military tongue.

    They also played songs from their new album, Le Puy En Velay (the title track having been inspired by a visit to a folk festival in the French town of this name). …