4. Aug. 2009, 16:01 von AndyChrz

    I don't know too many people who have been here longer than i have, but there's bound to be some. Speak up if you are!

    It's been a cool five years, this is definitely one of my favorite websites and since i'm already a numbers/stats kinda guy, it just fed my addiction.

    So let's compile some of those numbers and stats and see what we get.

    Total plays: 223,077 (i have no idea if that number's right, i've deleted so many bogus (mistagged) tracks from my collection that i'm sure it might be a couple thousand higher)

    Total artists: 2,397 (again, this one is probably higher)

    Top artists:
    311 - 1910 plays
    Pig Destroyer - 1866 plays
    Nasum - 1813 plays
    Throwdown - 1655 plays
    Between the Buried and Me - 1572 plays
    Bleeding Through - 1493 plays
    Bury Your Dead - 1408 plays
    Killswitch Engage - 1362 plays
    As I Lay Dying - 1360 plays
    Chimaira - 1339 plays
    Killwhitneydead - 1320 plays
    Darkest Hour - 1282 plays
    Unearth - 1240 plays
    Trivium - 1239 plays
  • Top Ten Thing.

    10. Apr. 2008, 15:18 von drksideofthemn5

    1.The Bled
    First Song: "The Sound of Sulfur"
    Fell in Love With: "You Know Who's Seatbelt"
    Current Favorite: "Daylight Bombings"

    2.Every Time I Die
    First Song: "I Been Gone A Long Time"
    Fell in Love With: "Floater"
    Current Favorite: "Tusk and Temper"

    3.Darkest Hour
    First Song: "Oklahoma"
    Fell in Love With: "Convalescence"
    Current Favorite: "Doomsayer"

    4.Misery Signals
    First Song: "The Year Summer Ended in June"
    Fell in Love With: "The Stinging Rain"
    Current Favorite: Any "Of Malice and the Magnum Heart"

    5. Between the Buried and Me
    First Song: "Mordecai"
    Fell in Love With: "Ad A Dglgmut"
    Current Favorite: COLORS

    6.The Acacia Strain
    First Song: "Smoke Ya Later"
    Fell in Love With: "Passing the Pencil Test"
    Current Favorite: "See You Next Tuesday"

    7. Comeback Kid