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  • Raw Spectacle is perfect.
  • what a great sound
  • Downloaded this forever ago, finally listening and digging what I hear.
  • Check out 2011 in review with Miracle Fortress:
  • Wow - just heard Everything Works for the first time! I like, I like.
  • Spectre... perfect song
  • was i the wave has definitely grown on me! however five roses remains one of my all-time faves :)
  • my instant reaction when i listened to your songs was: fuck wow
  • new album lyrics, anyone? specifically for raw spectacle and miscalculations
  • Miracle Fortress has been added to the lineup of Incubate 2011 in Tilburg, Netherlands!
  • Was I the Wave? is destined to be one of the year's top electro-pop outings. Album review here, for those interested:
  • Anyone willing to share Was I The Wave?
  • 100!... fuck
  • so my old account on is kablaaamo......and on that account, i've racked up >5000 miracle fortress plays. that was all five roses. i've gotten up to nearly 300 in the several days since my roommate gave me was i the wave? which means i am officially THAT fan.
  • Yeah the new album is pretty different. I like it yet it feels dare I say it a bit boring. Not sure if that's the right word though.
  • The Pantha du Prince Remix of Raw Spectacle is beautiful!
  • Raw Spectacle is a banger, but not sure how I feel about the rest of the album yet... so different from Five Roses.
  • damn usa is lacking it seem like canada is taking the lead in good music now
  • New album just anounced, new single mp3 just released. It's amazing. So pumped for the new material/potential tour.
  • Robin - he's only gone and gone dance, innit?
  • If anyone has any information as to the whereabouts of Miracle Fortress, please come forward, you will be rewarded with a £5 bank transfer out of my account (This may not happen)
  • digital love cover is my favorite:)
  • Lovely stuff!
  • tied with ben cooper and spencer krug for most underated musicians
  • anyone know if/when there's a new album?
  • i keep coming back to five roses every ~month or so, it never gets old. cant wait for more from them!
  • I fell in love with this band last night... I think If this band were a woman, I would happily fall asleep with her in my arms
  • I hope there is coming a second album..
  • One of the better bands I've discovered last year.
  • so sooo underrated, but it's nice that way
  • AN6Y Cause people have files on their computer?
  • someone please tell me how come there has been so many listeners to the miracle fortress but there are no tracks available to listen to, am i being a complete cock.
  • I just stumbled onto this record and it's absolutely incredible. "Next Train" just won't leave my head.
  • love this band!
  • Graham Van Pelt and his miracles
  • :O :O :O still my fav
  • Five Roses has my vote for best album of 2007. "Fortune" is one of the most beautifully addictive songs I've ever heard.
  • I'm always in love with them!
  • Digital Love definitely is one of the best covers ever made. <3!
  • <3
  • great band.
  • indietronica is the worst tag
  • one of my fave records of 2007, still sounding great
  • :)))
  • Wow, this is actually pretty good, to say the least. I discovered them live at Dour (Belgium) 2008, but they had a stripped off version of their set there, since most of their equipment didn't manage to get on the plane or something. Anyway, it was great, and now I'm FINALLY listening to their album, I can't say I'm disappointed!
  • Listen to this band on The New Spin on 93.5 CHMR-FM. Download latest edition now: “the best music you’ve never heard.”
  • i really love these guys... 5 roses is such a cute album. :) everyone who hasn't yet, listen to it!
  • "blasphemy" is so beautiful!
  • track "five roses" is sooo good. love it, just love it. oh, and i love raindrop sound on car windows in songs. it's just amazing.


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