• Recovering From Mai Tai Poisoning (Covers Mix Vol. I)

    13. Apr. 2006, 9:23 von tomauto

    Just got back from a "work conference" my wife had in Hawaii and listened to a ton of Hawaiin music on the radio there. One of my faves has to be Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World which is a beautiful cover of a couple well known standards, highly recommended to anyone who enjoys beautiful singing voices. ANYWAY, it got me thinking about getting started on a mix project of been wanting to do for awhile now, putting originals and covers together in one cd mix, for comparison sake.
    I'm trying to get it to fit on one cd, which limits the amount of songs available, since there are two versions of each to put on. I'm going to try to do one every so often so I have a set of volumes to add to my collection.
    This is the first, and I'd like any recommendations of stuff I might like, I'm kinda looking for covers that are different sounding then the original, Big Star's Thirteen is covered well by Elliott Smith, but he stays very true to the original which is kinda…