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Minus the Bear

Throwin' Shapes (3:25)


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  • Amazing song, the guitar work in this song is so beautiful. The vocals in the chorus are so harmonizing and melodic in the last chorus.
  • Love.
  • nice
  • who can understand my japanese?
  • awesome! i really love this song. この良さが判らない人が居たら許せない。
  • :)
  • This song makes me do jumping jacks yelling YEAH! :D
  • She'll wrap her sheets 'round us, YEAH!
  • @Axeforhire66 the guitar is somewhat "twinkly" similar to twinkle daddies and 90's emo like grownups and american football. they jam like 90's emo. safe to say theres some emo influence
  • Yeah-eah-eah!
  • Whoever tagged this as emo needs to learn what genres are it seems.
  • their drummer is a fucking machine!!!
  • 2:07
  • Minus the Bear is GAWDLY!!!
  • YES!
  • (L).
  • haha, I know it is DCelectic.
  • such a feel-good song! i can't get over it. it always makes me think of summer and how much fun it is to play along to this tune. :D
  • my favorite minus the bear song. this and houston we have uh oh.
  • Relaxing
  • This is good.
  • Acoustic version is way better but its a great song none the less
  • The vid for this is crazy. Watch it. Great song too. Not my fav off the album, but very good. It's a happy song. :D
  • <3
  • happy times
  • I wish they would come to Costa Rica.
  • Best band ever.
  • Catchy as Chicken Pox
  • it's "forget the sun", silly goose. This is the song that hooked me on to P.O.I.
  • fuckin' the sun
  • yesss...this is my jam
  • solid tune.
  • This song keeps the second half of that album alive, other wise it would just be prog-central and I'd be all "AH!". Such a happy tune :)
  • This song is so addictive! Currently my fave track of Planet of Ice.
  • such beauty...
  • This song has been stuck in my head like crazy. I can't say I'm complaining :)
  • Amazing song This and 'when we escape' are probably the best on planet of ice
  • easily the best on planet of ice, and way too short
  • This one and Dr. L'Ling are the best from Planet of Ice.
  • Great Song! Planet of Ice is awesome!
  • saw this on mtvU. the video is humorous but the song is really good and the melody and chorus is addictive. Great song.
  • come with me to the coast
  • i've had this song stuck in my head for a week
  • Very awesome song.
  • Catchy

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