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Gloria (3:42)


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  • such a soul-piercing song..
  • 'Cause I just wanna be, something more than the mud in your eyes. I want to be the clay in your hands. *GUITAR SCREECH*
  • One of the best emo songs eveeeeeer
  • "You first scrobbled Gloria on 4 May 2005" (O_O)
  • The biblical references doesn't mean this song is about God. This song, to me, is about the feeling of when you are best-friends with a girl/boy and you love them (aka the "friendzone") and want to be with them but the feeling's not reciprocated. You are just someone who makes their life better by helping them to see things clearer about what they want (when Jesus puts the mud in the man's eyes and he can see) but you want to be more than just that. You want to be the person they want. You want to be the perfect partner for them, their ideal partner and you're willing to change to be that person (the clay in the hands, the bible verse where God is the potter and man is the clay) by doing everything you can and they want you to do, to be that person.
  • does he say glory is a silent thing or feeling? either way, this is a beautiful song.
  • want to scream the song
  • glory is a silent thing
  • something more than the mud in your eyes.
  • one of my favorite tracks from these guys.
  • @ne0nbloodx the lyrics are "I just wanna to be something more than the MUD in your eyes"
  • The definitive post-breakup song.
  • Finally, the real Mineral. About fuckin' time!
  • i was really psyched when i realized this wasn't electronic. i hate when that happens with mineral
  • omg the real mineral finally came up
  • One word, ANGST.
  • Incredible song.
  • its "more then the mud in your eyes".
  • 'cause i just wanna be something more than another in your eyes. Oh my gosh. <3
  • Tomorrow just won't be the same without you here.
  • amazing
  • one of my most favorite songs
  • wow, this takes me back
  • Gotta love Mineral
  • superb stuff
  • Emo at its finest. At least that's how I see it.
  • Who decides whether it is a full track or just 30 seconds? I imagine the band would want the exposure or revival.
  • woah. takes me back!
  • Best song to wash dishes to
  • this song rules my world. its also a time machine to the 1990s of my mind!!!!
  • i dunno how i get to this song, but damn it what a marvelous discover
  • Gloria is silent, and glory is a silent thing.
  • best band ever!! makes me feel like im back in hs!
  • really powerful emotion...gonna have to remember this band
  • vvv agreeded lots of emotion
  • yep, perfects the word! the last 30 seconds are sheer heaven.
  • perfect
  • YEAH!
  • This song, is beyond amazing to me. I want to listen to it on repeat for days and days... preferably rainy days.
  • Beautiful song
  • this is how it's done. it never gets old. the 90s will never die!
  • Esto es emo!!
  • i just wanna be something more than another in your eyes!
  • Ah the memories...............
  • yum yum munch
  • shh
  • Les hecho de menos.
  • ♫♪*♫♪ ♫♪ ♥♥♥
  • They dont make em like this anymore
  • One of my favorite tracks. Right behind Parking Lot.


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