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  • the production on a lot the early 70s stuff is phenomenal. in particular the song "tell her it's over".
  • more soul in her than the devil's belly
  • "Keep The Home Fires Burning" <3
  • goodão
  • 600 plays of Millie in my library with the song "Lovin' Your Good Thing Away".
  • just discovered her tonight. she's brilliant:)
  • I've listened to Millie's songs 500 times now. The 500th scrobble being the "Hard Times" from the album with the same name.
  • "Medley : Mess On Your Hands/Finger Rap/Mess On Your Hands" <3
  • One of my all-time faves. I saw her on Friday in Washington, D.C. and she was stunning, energetic, and utterly outrageous and hilarious! Also got to meet her afterwards and she took an awesome pic with me and signed my CD of Back to the Shit! A class act!!!
  • I am so glad I got to see Millie and her band perform live! They were excellent! Millie was funny and still eletrifying!
  • Good Stuff ...... I enjoy the song and Millie enjoyed every dime this song brought her ..... This was a great song and still is ..... It's nice the purity of the vocals and instruments during that period of time .... Listening to Millie is just what you need ....
  • +1 for her Unsung episode, she's fantastic.
  • Raunchy stuff> early stuff
  • It is interesting to know that Millie has never liked this song either of her early hit songs "My Man, A Sweet Man" and "Ask Me What You Want." She did not like it because the songs does not really say anything. I get it because this song does not tell a story. As Millie put it "Who goes around saying (taps on your shouldler) "My man is a sweet man. My man is a man is a kind man. My man is a fine man. And he is mine, mine, all mine?" Nobody!." I believe this song was recorded and issued as a single because of what is it is. Both songs are catchy Northern Soul songs meant for radio airplay to bring Millie more exposure and for it to become a hit! In both respects, "My Man, A Sweet Man" and "Ask Me What You Want" succeeded spectaularly
  • Damn! this is hot 'n' dirty.
  • she's amazing
  • A lot of people know of her because of some of her album covers showing up "bad" or "shocking" best-of lists. i.e. ESP and Back to the Shit.
  • Her episode of "Unsung" is so awesome. I didn't know she was in Dallas, I wonder what her radio show is called.
  • love i cry
  • just for my soul
  • She may not be terribly well-known, but she is a living legend!!! [2]
  • The Queen of Raunchy! [2]
  • She may not be terribly well-known, but she is a living legend!!!
  • The "Unsung" episode for Millie Jackson is the truth!
  • The Queen of Raunchy!
  • real baddest bitch [2]
  • real baddest bitch
  • she sound like betty wright
  • Great interview @musicarl
  • I purchased a copy of "Royal Rappin's", her duet album with Isaac Hayes and her album "Not For Church Folk!." I enjoy both albums!!! They are fuckin' fabulous albums! Highly recommended!
  • Although Millie is not widely known, I believe she prefers it that way! I feel it is cool to be a musician and still have a regular life without the papparazzi!
  • The godmother of rap. Read her theory on why record companies like their rappers dead:
  • Have added a bunch of new Millie images if anybody feels like voting them up/down for a new default :)
  • i was rendered speechless by her rich voice. They don't sound that way anymore , kudos to Millie
  • If you like caught up, check out this, Millie Jackson, Ann Peebles, Big Maybelle, Irma Thomas and others on this, you'll rediscover all the great, highly under rated female soul singers from all time!
  • Amazing voice, one of my absolute favourite soul singers of all time...
  • @Sirwaz: the listening demographic is unfortunately heavily skewed aware from Millie's genre of music. e.g. when you look at say "funk" and RHCP have 110M plays and Prince has 10M, you know something's odd. <br> Millie Jackson is awesome.
  • There is not a Millie album I have heard that I do not like. She is an excellent singer-songwriter. "Not For Church Folk!" marks the return of the more unrestricted side of her songs.
  • really a tender-hearted woman as we hope to meet
  • Only 115k plays for someone as phenomenally great as Millie J?? That's just wrong :)
  • Phuuuuck you nanana phuck you phuck you phuck you (8)
  • Caught Up, undoubtedly Millie's best record. Blew me away first time I heard it, and still listen to it years on.
  • Been loving Millie for 30 plus years!
  • Take a trip to the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s! Go now: My MP3 Shared Virtual Disk on 4shared Site: Jr. and sons
  • Put something down on it! <3
  • Thats a very good song, my name is Millie aswell, from Millie


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