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  • @acedgod, @ electric0ceans - Been a fan for years,but I think the phrase "admire the art, not the artist" applies to Mike. Last time I saw him live, he flipped out on a girl for requesting "No Peace Los Angeles" and told her to leave the show... don't think you can win with this guy no matter what... Still, he writes some pretty quality songs.
  • @electric0ceans lol he blocked me on twitter just because i asked if there's a chance there'd ever be soul coughing vinyl repressings. he's a fucking douche.
  • and i heard he sucked a lot of dick to get famous
  • this guy fucking sucks. he likes to make fun of his fans on air and then "respectfully decline" to apologize. hes from Kentucky so hes prob inbred with no manners anyway :)
  • he should have rerecorded "paint" what a pussy
  • Light Will Keep Your Heart Beating In The Future is great. Not feeling that rap stuff it sounds strange altogether.
  • Not quite sure what to think of Stellar Motel, definately feels a lot different than his older albums.
  • Water and Washington is definitely more palatable to those who prefer Mike's output and it's probably the closest he's come to going back to the sound present on Skittish in quite a long while (live stuff excluded).
  • Agree with JAMOOL although I do like Doughty's new version of St. Louise Is Listening.
  • agreed with below, if you dig Doughty's solo work over SC then you'll probably like this, but Soul Coughing fans should beware that basically everything Steinberg, Gabay, and De Gli Antoni did on those records is totally neutered and replaced with stock samples and drum loops (which already sound about 20 years out of date).
  • the new acoustic demo album kicks ass
  • That album mentioned below is out now and while I don't dislike it entirely I would recommend to anyone who enjoyed the Soul Coughing versions of those songs to listen with extreme caution. He ruined Unmarked Helicopters on it and sucked away the cool vibe How Many Cans originally had. Definitely a YMMV album.
  • Hey cool, Mike is gonna re-record/re-imagine some Soul Coughing tunes - if he gets enough money pledged to the project. Go! Go now!
  • I definitely agree with that - Steinberg's comments in the wake of the book totally make sense, that Doughty really only thought a song was something that was sung and literally could not discern what the other band members were contributing. I think Doughty's songwriting got better over the years but the more I listen to the SC records the more I realize that it was the other members who I really enjoyed listening to, not necessarily Doughty. That said I'm really glad he's still around and would definitely see him live if he were to come by!
  • The Book of Drugs certainly doesn't do anything to win Mike over in the eyes of his detractors and (no matter how much it needed to be put out there) kind of insults a lot of the fans who supported the man throughout his solo career. You can be as down to earth as you want to be, but it doesn't exempt you from being an asshole as well.
  • @joshbrogan: Making no sense there. You're seriously delusional if you think Doughty is an egoistic asshole who only cares about money. I'd advise you to listen to some of his live performances (which are released online for free, legally) to see how down to earth he is, although those are probably wasted on you too.
  • judging from the current "personalised" recording he's offering, this guy is a money grubbing, egotistical asshole who thinks he's worth much more than he actually is. fuck this dude for doing a disservice to music and his fans
  • Mike's solo stuff is far better than anything Soul Coughing ever created.
  • Mike's ALWAYS been acoustic.
  • who cares if he develops a twang? the amazing songwriting would be more than enough to carry it. Besides, country done right is awesome anyhow
  • The acoustic choice in instrumentation almost borders on country... I swear to GOD if Doughty suddenly develops a twang in his voice, I am gonna boycott everything he's ever done.
  • Can't wait to see you in Chicago in November!!
  • new album is totaly awesome!
  • no peace los angeles
  • Anyway... I'm glad to see Mike releasing another album.
  • Anyway... I miss Soul Coughing [2]
  • Down on the River by the Sugar Plant
  • Anyway... I miss Soul Coughing.
  • Mike Doughty was the hippest cat to ever wear glasses in the 90s.
  • why isn't put it down on the top listened, it's so amezing ^^
  • Anyone still have The Skittish Sessions (18 tracks) or the Haughty Melodic bootleg version (11 tracks)? if so, send me a message. i've got some other Mike Doughty songs that may interest you.
  • This man's lyrics are absolutely amazing.
  • your laugh snapping like a dog barks
  • Seeing Mike live in just a day from this post :D
  • He's playing in my town on my birthday. Thanks for the present, Universe.
  • If you don't like Mike Doughty, you can kiss my ass.
  • I'm looking at the well right now ;)
  • check this out -->
  • Just discovered this guy...why the hell has it taken me so long to find this interesting genius.
  • AGHH Sad Man Happy Man doesn't even sync onto my iTunes right. I put it on there, and there's parts where theres complete silence where there should be music, and tons of skips. For the record, the disc is 100% unscratched and clean. Reuploaded it, same, but in different areas. I blame ATO records.
  • Heard Sad Man Happy Man on radio today, GREAT!!!
  • Once upon a time he played the Town Pump in Van. BC - intimate show with very little fan fare... perfect
  • Bought the new CD today at FYE, and I'm like struggling frantically to hook up my computer right now (I'm on someone elses) just so I can put this on my iPod, it's awesome. The CD packaging is really disappointing and there's really nothing special about it, even the CD itself is just the ATO Records logo. But the album itself is the same old Mike Doughty with a little bit more acoustic folk type songs.
  • I Hear the Bells *,*
  • can't wait for Sad Man Happy Man!
  • I saw him in Annapolis on the Question Jar tour. Tickets sold out on Ticketmaster in 9 minutes. The show was excellent. Mr. Doughty can engage an audience like few I've ever seen before. It was fantastic to see him and I hope I get the chance again.
  • i find it shwool...
  • i saw him in my homecity in germany. There were only 20 listeners, but it was awesome!
  • great!:)
  • Yo MD ye should stroll a wondering way towards the track on the Norman music fest this weekend. Train honkin doppelfiys the swank song effects of music rays. I think you would like it.


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