• My Favorite Albums of 2010

    28. Dez. 2010, 23:41 von Rockstar_Aimz

    My normal year-end favorite albums list usually tends to favor the bands/artists who I saw live in that year. This is only somewhat true for 2010. While The Hold Steady, The National, Drive-By Truckers, and Justin Townes Earle all had killer live gigs in Toronto this year, I just couldn't get into their 2010 releases. Turns out that I tended to like some of the opening acts better than some of the headliners, which makes me sound like an even bigger music snob than I already am. And this list makes me sound worse! Only three pseudo mainstream indie records made the cut. I also noticed that the albums I favored this year leaned towards the Bruce Springsteen/Tom Petty-style of rock. I'm not sure why, but that's just what tickled my fancy, or something, in 2010. If I could, I supplied links to buying the albums directly from the band's/artist's web site (more $ for the band). Go buy these records! Most have cheap shipping, and it's only like $1-2 more to ship to Canada. All of these records are worthy of being in you collection.
  • Thoughts on Jason Isbell

    13. Dez. 2010, 7:24 von biles1234

    This is the first journal entry of a three part series dedicated to the three primary songwriters of one of my favorite bands, the Drive-By Truckers. The three-headed monster that makes up the core of DBT's songwriting includes Patterson Hood, Mike Cooley, and Jason Isbell. Specifically, this piece will detail the songwriting talent and mastery of the latter -- the ever enigmatic Jason Isbell.


    In a similar folk/country tradition, admirers of Bob Dylan and Neil Young, or more recently Jeff Tweedy, Jim James, and Ryan Adams will find much to love about Isbell. In my humble opinion, his songwriting during his DBT tenure is undoubtedly more impressive than that of either Adams, James, or Tweedy.

    Isbell's stay with the Drive-By Truckers spanned 6 years (2001-2007) and three spectacular albums. He would only contribute eight songs to the band's catalogue, but nearly all of them are the product of legend; aural masterpieces to behold.
  • This Fucking Job: Drive-By Truckers, April 7, Lee's Palace, Toronto

    23. Apr. 2010, 2:35 von Rockstar_Aimz

    Wed 7 Apr – Drive-By Truckers, Langhorne Slim

    Concert review of the Drive-By Truckers, April 7, Lee's Palace, Toronto, and a mini review of their new album The Big To-Do.


    Working this job is a kick in the pants
    Working this job is like a knife in the back

    I got out of work late on Wednesday night. I missed the Drive-By Truckers in-store at Sonic Boom. I missed the opening act, Langhorne Slim, but I heard that he and his band were fantastic. It was pouring rain and super humid, and when I walked into Lee's Palace at 10:05 pm, the place stunk like a mens' locker room. Nasty. Just what you would expect from hard-rocking Drive-By Truckers fans.

    The Truckers were on tour in support of their latest album, The Big To-Do, which was released three weeks prior to this show. I admit to being initially underwhelmed by The Big To-Do. The Truckers are usually master storytellers…
  • My Favorite Albums of 2009

    19. Dez. 2009, 16:50 von Rockstar_Aimz

    From my blog: My Aimz is True

    What a strong year for music! I've had a hell of a time narrowing down my list this year. Once I got it down to my top 30 albums, it took me forever to parse it down to ten. One thing that I noticed about my particular list is that it really leans heavily towards the country/folk-ish albums. I'm usually a big indie rock geek, but for some reason none of the rock releases that professional critics are lauding this year really did anything for me (e.g. Grizzly Bear, Phoenix, Animal Collective, etc.). Does this mean that I am getting old and I subconsciously don't want to listen to what the damn hipster kids are into? Am I turning introspective and listening to music that more closely resembles the calamity that is my life? Would I feel the same had Okkervil River put out an album this year? Hmmm....

    This list also leans towards artists that I saw live this year, and I have tried to reference back to their show somewhere in my review of that album. …
  • Concert Review: Private Drive-By Truckers show in Toronto, Nov. 8

    14. Nov. 2009, 5:55 von Rockstar_Aimz

    From my blog: My Aimz is True

    This may be a news flash to some of you, but I am not cool. I have serious envy of bloggers who are better writers than I am, who have their shit together enough to post every day, who get lots of free CDs, tickets, backstage passes, and other swag. Most of the people who solicit me for a review for their new album clearly don't even read my blog. My most recent e-mail solicitation was from an Australian group who describes themselves as a "blend of hip-hop and electro-pop." I have nothing against this type of music, but it just isn't my thing, and anyone who reads even one page of my blog knows this fact. So I was fucking thrilled when someone finally paid attention and gave me a free ticket to see one of my favorite bands, the Drive-By Truckers, at the Phoenix last Sunday (Nov. 8).

    This show was sponsored by Jack Daniels, and I guess it was supposed to be for bar/entertainment industry types. …
  • Concert Review: Lucero at Lee's Palace, October 20, Toronto

    28. Okt. 2009, 3:49 von Rockstar_Aimz

    Tue 20 Oct – Lucero, Amy LaVere, Cedric Burnside

    From my blog: My Aimz is True

    There has been a lot of hoopla among Lucero fans such as myself over the new album 1372 Overton Park about Lucero's use of horns on much of the album. My first impression was that lead singer/songwriter Ben Nichols has been spending way too much time with Craig Finn and The Hold Steady, but after several listens the album has really grown on me and I would say its just about as good as anything that Lucero has done. It sounded even better at Lee's Palace in Toronto on Tuesday, October 20.

    I was standing to the left of the stage, mostly out of the range of the asshole 19-year-olds who somewhere along the line decided that Lucero was a mosh band. Not that I didn't have to go home and shower and do laundry to clean all of the sprayed beer off of me. Seriously dudes, its a waste of alcohol. I mean, I know you saved your allowance for months to piss it away on spraying beer and everything…