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  • Worse than Shane MacGowan?
  • Mike Paradinas has the ugliest mug I've ever fucking seen.
  • sls
    Digging the album cover - is the music any good?
  • very happy music much good such well done
  • Wow, what an album!! really good oldschool nerdy sound.... :D
  • Mr Frosty
  • Quando penso que ja ouvi tudo do aphex sai esse diabo do nada. In love <3
  • expert knob twiddlers~
  • Holy shit. I didn't know until now that Mike and Rich referred to Richard James and Mike Paradinas, I'm so stupid. I love these guys. ;_;
  • DISHK: stitchy glitchy Nietzsche maniacal mixtape mush..... also free
  • Eggy Toast is the best breakfast.
  • Mr Frosty the best
  • I remember I only bought this for is cover when seeing it in my local indie. I've only listened too it a few times cos I only have it on vinyl. I never replaced by turntable.
  • Три - удовлетворительно
  • Два гения звучащие на три
  • Even as a fan of both Mike and Rich, I'm really not feeling this.
  • Mike & Rich should do another album together. [3]
  • so fucking good it hurts.
  • The album cover for Expert Knob Twiddlers is probably one of my favorite album covers of all time. Just look at them going at it, they're having such a great time!
  • Mike, Rich, Aaron, AND Tom (squarepusher)
  • genios
  • i start all of my days off listening to the sound of beady eyes
  • ah, description is a holy shit
  • <3
  • Heh... they are expert twiddlers for sure. Wicked stuff.
  • Holy shit. Mike, Rich, AND Aaron.
  • T42: I concur. Hell a Rich & Aaron wouldn't be too bad either.
  • Wheres Mike and Aaron?
  • fucking funny
  • The most sick thing that I've ever listend to.
  • awesome... fuck
  • it s not real.
  • Winner takes all is fairly funny. In an interview, Richard said the two of them were fairly pissed making this album.
  • to those naysayers who say 'unimpressive', there can be but one reply... bubububaaaa :P
  • fun album
  • mmmmm eggy toast
  • E47
    This is some of the best album art ever
  • I always thought the pic was of a cereal box haha
  • Apparently the name of the album is just Mike & Rich, not Expert Knob Twiddlers:
  • Eggy Toast for brunch, lunch and supper
  • [url=]PLAY THE DREAMBOX ![/url]
  • "The Sound of Beady Eyes" great track
  • I hate eggfast.
  • So many people disregard this collab/release and I don't understand why! It's perfect in every way!
  • So many people disregard this collab/release and I don't understand why! It's perfect in every way!
  • Greetings fellow musical traveller...! If you love ambient and IDM you'll enjoy our self-titled album Lots Of Love //leah & tim
  • ここで落とせる「I hate Eggfast」っていつのものなんだろうか? Expert Knob Twiddlersの感じとは随分違うし、 音的にはマイク・パラディナス調の様な気もするし。
  • Loving the picture. I can't tell you *how* much I used to love downfall as a kid
  • New tracks from Lucy Tentacles - free download
  • I love eggfast


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