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  • Чертовски хорош. Но, все же, петь он не умеет.
  • Magnifique. Ah oui, pendant qu'on y est, si quelqu'un parvient à faire la corrélation entre M.Legrand et le rock/Johnny, qu'il me fasse signe, je lui en serait reconnaissant !!!
  • he is good
  • La Piscine ♥
  • Il n'y a pas que Johnny dans le rock français.
  • Vivre Sa Vie ♥
  • Vivre Sa Vie ♥
  • does anyone know name of music from madison dance scene from bande à part?
  • Thanks to his niece, I've found out about him. Wonderful!
  • Found because of the movie "L' amour dure trois ans" :)
  • rock français??? retardé..Perso, j'ai 39 ans et je préfère écouter en boucle l'album de "il était une fois l'espace" qu'un single de johnny 1 seule fois...
  • Les parapluies de Cherbourg ♥
  • ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  • One of the loveliest pieces written for film. Perfect 'love story' theme. On any solo instrument. Check out Itzak Pearlman's take on this. Almost a completely new piece. Thank you Michel.
  • My favorite ever! *_____*
  • There are Legrand songs from the PC game Torins Passage for free download here: This is kind of legal, I think, as it is the homepage of Al Lowe, the creator of Torins Passage, of Leisure Suit Larry fame.
  • Di-Gue-Ding-Ding♥'
  • does someone have the song played in "madison dance scene" from bande à part?
  • Can I have your daughters hand in marriage?
  • Anyone have an idea where to find his score for F is for Fake? Fucking genius.
  • what a dreamboat he was in his youth!
  • Victoria is just his niece.Look up,what that means.
  • Why there ain't Il Etait Une Fois... La Vie soundtrack album in the list???
  • les parapluies de cherbourg: mon amour éternel
  • les parapluies de cherbourg les parapluies de cherbourg les parapluies de cherbourg les parapluies de cherbourg les parapluies de cherbourg les parapluies de cherbourg les parapluies de cherbourg! je connais tout les dialogues par coeur, j'adore. <3
  • nah nah, his best work is on the wuthering heights soundtrack for the completely batty seventies version starring timothy dalton. insanely bad adaptation, awesome score. made me love the film, which is saying a lot.
  • i'm a big Victoria Legrand/Beach House fan. I think I'm a bigger Michel Legrand fan now. I've always especially loved Gershwin and this seems to be a wonderful extension of his work.
  • how about the band a part soundtrack?
  • whoa i never knew legrand was such a stud.
  • I came across "Legrand Jazz" (original print) in a bargain bin today, it was the best 98 cent purchase I've ever made.
  • very good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • hi all ,whats about this?
  • a group for people who love to discover great bands that none of your friends know about !
  • Votez pour l'image !... (moi, j'en préférerais une plus rigolote...)
  • The greatest!!!
  • I've been listening to the 'une femme est une femme' soundtrack quite abit lately, it hasn't been showing up in my played tracks though..
  • Michel Legrand [2]
  • Michel Legrand
  • I love his niece.
  • Listen him with [tag]Michel Legrand[/tag]
  • bellissima)!!
  • Michel Legrand—now connected to the brandnew group ➤ [group]Saint-Germain-des-Prés[/group]
  • J'aime son travail. Grande musique !!
  • Is there any chance of getting 'The windmills of your mind' and 'I will wait for you' as full tracks?
  • Great & Joyful!!! ^_______^
  • I love Michel!!!!!!
  • ok ;-)
  • nice!

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