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  • Love it.
  • This is so sexy. -_-
  • sounds like he fuckin says "Dog chow....i like that" in the beginning
  • So underrated. [18]
  • Sua melhor música
  • KULT_ !!!! So good !
  • So underrated. [17]
  • So underrated. [16]
  • "Look what you did to me, babeh!"
  • So underrated. [15]
  • Giiiiiiiiiiiirl, I know that this is love. I felt the magic all in the aaaaiiiiiir. And giiiiiiiiiiiirl, I'll never get enough. That's why I always have to have you heeeeeere.
  • 2014. Michael+Darkchild still funky
  • So underrated. [14]
  • So underrated. [13]
  • The epitome of suave.
  • fucking classic.
  • So underrated. [12]
  • So underrated. [11]
  • Definitely one of my favourite songs of all time.
  • It's almost criminal that this single (and the album it came from) didn't do better.
  • So underrated. [10]
  • So underrated. [9]
  • So underrated. [8]
  • She is bangin'
  • someone like you to call mine ♥
  • 神曲。
  • Great!!!!!!
  • cause girl you came and changed, the way i walk, the way i talk
  • So underrated. [6]
  • So underrated. [5]
  • Thank you for the music Michael. I will always be a massive fan and appreciate you for the fantastic singer, dancer and artist that you were. You rocked my world. RIP.
  • So underrated. [4]
  • R.I.P love and miss hear ur music forever love.
  • Miss U
  • So underrated. [3] It's a great song catchy and sweet to boot.
  • RIP MJ.. peace and love!
  • still one of his best.
  • my fav michael jackson song!!!!!
  • My favourite song of Michael for three years <3
  • You rocked my world, you know you did... ♪♫
  • I really like this song but I hate that into with Chris Tucker.
  • like it..xoxo
  • My life got changed from a friend that I loved, but I found the truth and that is you really are your own best friend.
  • :*
  • xx ℓσνє тнιѕ xxxx ℓσνє тнιѕ xx
  • U rock my world you know you did
  • hey ho chlopcy
  • This videoclip is just... WOW. The dance, Chris, everything!
  • "She is banging" LOL. Gotta love Mike.


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