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  • Fantastic voice. Love her range, her phrasing. Very peaceful.
  • very sweet voice.
  • it's sooo beautiful and peaceful
  • Casa Nova and Tongue-Tied are amazing
  • \o/
  • The Remix with Flying Lotus is bad, but the rest is totally lovely.
  • she looks like an actress whom I must have seen in some moovie. The ones I can't remember.. the girl has the southern beauty but her music is quite northern spirited.)
  • manzanita of my dreams...
  • I need to stop lusting after beautiful women who are 20 years older than me...
  • Eu gosto dessa cantora pois ela tem uma voz única, não se encontra nenhuma outra cantora com voz similar a dela. Incrível!!!
  • check her out in collaboration with the band/collective called Rhoda, she is the featured vocalist on the track New Farmer... dreamy and amazing!
  • simply genious
  • She sounds like Principal Lee from Daria.
  • [video] Mia Doi Todd clipée par Michel Gondry :
  • kokoro kokoro kokoro kokoro ko ko
  • excellent stuff
  • She sounds a lot like Shara Worden, I think.
  • in the end you say nothing... <3
  • she's great.. <3
  • i love you.
  • Wow. I might just be in love with this woman.
  • her music moves me =]
  • what a great voice!
  • are we goin' to give up or are we goin' to try?
  • muy bello.
  • *______*
  • beautiful endless....
  • This woman is brilliant :)
  • mia is also similar to sidsel endresen who's my favorite.
  • wonderful artist!
  • :~
  • Saw her open for Jose Gonzalez in Orlando last month and she performed a cover of Fairport Convention's Who Knows Where the Time Goes... she sounded so much like Sandy Denny to me that it was almost like watching her! But Mia's stuff stands on its own. : )
  • Excellent new album :) Just discovered her last month so I'm going backwards through the catalogue lol
  • new album!! whoho!
  • She opened for Jose Gonzalez this past Saturday, and she seemed rather lovely, although it was hard to listen to her over the din and gossip of the Social attendees. She played Kokoro, which was nice, although one of the few songs I can recall.
  • likin the new album
  • Mia Mia mia 侘寂
  • Hello!
  • Digital kicks ass! an absolute piece of art
  • I remixed 88 Ways ::
  • *in love with Mia*
  • wonderful music
  • digital, binary system, ones & zeros, and oh such beauty in her unite
  • flying lotus remix of my room is white is sucha great track that i play it over and over, banger!
  • ea
    yup, that one :)
  • underrated!

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