• Hello Sundays! Part 6

    28. Feb. 2009, 21:20 von michif72


    Hello Sundays! Part 6 by Michael Feihstel

    Yes, if you collected all the other parts of the “Hello Sunday!”-series you may notice that this should be Part 5, instead of 6, however I made a mistake when writing the ID3 tags of the most recent installment (Part 4) and accidently tagged it as Part5 - in order to reduce confusion I decided to jump directly to Part 6 with this issue. Hope you don’t mind.

    The mix itself features what you might expect if you listened to previous installments. After TV on the Radio’s classic song “Staring at the sun” as warm up the mix approaches to start slowly with layered, almost ambient-like tracks setting up a chilled mood. Later it progresses to some more uptempo sounds though always trying to stay within the spectrum of relaxing music - just to end with one of Matthew Adams’ new productions and finally Animal Collective’s experimental “In The Flowers”, which should easily be one of my future classics. …