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Until It Sleeps (4:27)


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  • download Until It Sleeps.mp3
  • One of the first singles i ever bought! Always loved it
  • <3
  • While 'Load' is a pretty 'meh' release, this song is freaking fantastic
  • the solo is the only good part of this song!
  • good one ! I like it :)
  • This album is great.
  • reminds me of some Marilyn Manson videos :3
  • I love the music video and the song is awesome too
  • best non-metallica' song
  • great song
  • Best track on Load.
  • great song
  • One of their best songs.
  • FM friendly.
  • my favorite from the load album
  • Just perfect. <3
  • One Of the best from Load album ;)
  • I like it.
  • For sure the best video ever made by Metallica. and the song kicks ass.
  • Love.
  • To anyone who says Metal is bad music, I have one word for them: Metallica. Any other argument is invalid. :D
  • you are deaf crap tallic
  • I'll tear me open, make you gone
  • Too bad for Soundgarden that they're crap.
  • And it does sound a lot like FOBD indeed. Except that of course it has the typical Metallica touch.
  • Their best ballad
  • An early demo version of this song was entitled "F.O.B.D", because it reminded the band members of the Soundgarden song "Fell on Black Days"
  • Addicted :S
  • For all the metallica fans!
  • And the dirt still stains me... So wash me 'till I'm clean...
  • Lame how all the S&M songs auto-correct to the main songs, but whatever...
  • The live version (S&M) is awesome!
  • First Metallica song i ever heard and the video... I was about 10 years old and it scared the hell outta me. But good song. [2]
  • Yeah, good song. I warn you I'm in a changeable mood today. Just listening to music today. No news, no police dramas, no tv, just music. An innocent man was executed this week. Music helps, especially mixed genres.
  • @Rizzan8 Maybe you don't know very well Load! Try listening: Bleeding Me, The House Jack Built, King Nothing or Hero of The Day!
  • "It's impressive how the letters on different days have different meanings in our lives, as it fits our need" True
  • The only good song from Load.
  • popular tags: thrash metal???
  • perfect song *-* (2)
  • "So tell me why you've chosen me. Don't want your grip, don't want your greed, don't want it" <3 ... It's impressive how the letters on different days have different meanings in our lives, as it fits our need ...
  • Great song!
  • perfect song *-*
  • Good song and the music video just amazing *o*
  • Best song from Load [9] ... thrash metal tag LOL [4]
  • P.S. Is not the worst of Metallica.
  • I miss these times =(
  • Best song from Load [8] ... thrash metal tag LOL [3]


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