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  • bom dimais
  • Live version.....sigh
  • My favorite song of Metallica <3
  • Cliff rules this song.
  • Love it \m/
  • perfect song
  • hetty's voice makes me want to hurl chunks--instrumental live songs please !!!
  • badass song!
  • the bass
  • one of their very best
  • bass doesn't sound good at all.
  • mindblowing
  • Great song <3
  • live metallica sucks.. stop playing it Last FM. Please..
  • Excelente concierto !!!!!
  • When will last.fm separate the different versions of songs.
  • My favorite Metallica song.
  • Simplesmente viciante.
  • Amazing bass part
  • ZupaZkefira nie tylko ty ;)
  • yeeeeess
  • Tylko ja marzę o tym,żeby puścić to w Kościele przez te ogromniaste głośniki?... ^^
  • in the early dayz....
  • One of the greatest songs ever written.
  • \m/.(><).\m/ Fuck ya!!!
  • Perfect.
  • @ericfg I see what you did there! (Sad but true). :)
  • i personally like studio better but live is good tho
  • El Sordo's last stand in Hemingway's masterpiece. F*cking legendary song!!!!!
  • WTF with these live versions not being labeled as live
  • Burton should be the only one allowed to play this song, it should have never been played after his death. that man was fucking magic
  • Agreed: this live version sucketh horridly so. Yawn.
  • best running music
  • sick
  • > why does this live version sound so lazy? Maybe because the band themselves are? Sad but true.
  • -_- why does this live version sound so lazy?
  • The intro was written by Burton before joining Metallica
  • UGH!!!!!!!!!!!! TOTALLY AGREE WITH BIGBEN989......
  • This live, 'say hello to my friend Lars' version is absolutly horrible; an abomination to all that once was the heaviest of the heavy. I almost literally weep for what once was. Two hundred metal thumbs down.
  • This is the 33rd Metallica song played and I have not heard a studio version yet. I agree with bigben989.
  • Crack of dawn, all is gone except the will to be Now they see what will be blinded eyes to see.
  • I wouldn't mind if they play the songs from the Binge and Purge set, but these "live" songs they play on here for Metallica suck ass.
  • So simple yet conveys pure epic glory!
  • this has always been and still is my favorite 'Tallica tune
  • Big time Whiplash...considering that its on Kill Em All...they screwed up big time...
  • I hear Whiplash too. No bells tolling here. Also - why live? Recorded version is perfectly good.
  • Why does Last FM insist on plying live versions of songs 10x more than their studio versions...oh yea, and maybe they could get the songs right. This is Whiplash
  • Whiplash recorded in Hetfield's basement may be?
  • Whiplash not for whom the bell tolls
  • Whiplash not for whom the bell tolls


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