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  • Possibly the greatest intro in musical history.
  • There's something absolutely magical about that intro.
  • Can't get enough of that breakdown in the middle, such a monstrous riff!! :D
  • Greatness!
  • Great song
  • pozdrowienia z Gierałtowic
  • One of Metallica heaviest. [3]
  • The guitar riffs in this song are some of the heaviest ever, and that riff variation that plays at 4:39 is one of my favorite Metallica moments. That intro can go die in a hole somewhere.
  • I love the intro.
  • So great. Can anyone recommend similar songs, especially with related guitar-reverb-intro-awesomeness?
  • Minus the weird filler intro, this song is phenomenal. Get shredding face melter.
  • Ein Hammerteil.
  • Love This Song :) R.I.P. Cliff (*)
  • One of Metallica heaviest.[2]
  • One of the best all time thrash song's!!!! A mosh pit classic!!! [2]
  • lol @ that nu metal tag
  • 1:55 was like stagedive back in the dayz \m/
  • thrashy as fuck
  • Been straining my neck muscles to this for over 20 years. Best track on one of the finest albums in Metal history. Utterly, utterly immense
  • Cliff rules!
  • You'll know just where we come from, Damage Incorporated. GO
  • I just hold a long salute during this song.
  • Still one of Metallica's best songs.
  • And the intro sounds like Aerosmith's Nobody's Fault :P
  • This and battery... man they kick my ass.
  • the intro is the best part
  • Life ain't for you and we're the cure!
  • The intro is kind of overlong but the actual song is pretty awesome.
  • Awesome song is awesome.
  • Pulento !
  • oh yes thrash,one of my favorite metallica songs [2]
  • This is my overall favorite Metallica song. Dyers Eve does not even touch this. The intro I like because it seems so calm then all of the sudden its fucking crazy.
  • so fuckin awesome -(
  • Fuck it all and fucking no regrets!
  • Live kicks a massive and fucking critical amount of asses. I saw it live in Milan, during big 4 performance.
  • Best ending for Thrash albuns
  • Amazing intro!
  • I don't like the intro :/ Rest of the song is pure gold.
  • Blood will follow blood!
  • Intro slays & kills!
  • Simply Amazing \m/
  • oh yes thrash,one of my favorite metallica songs
  • Ass kickin' song.
  • Great tune
  • the worst in the album, still awesome
  • Destiny is a bitch. If Cliff haven't died, Metallica could have still be writing songs like this. After this, there was only fuel left for Backened and Dyers Eve. Then they twisted to this fucking Loard, Reload pop shit.
  • 3:14 = EPIC RIFF


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