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Master of Puppets ist das dritte Album der US-amerikanischen Band Metallica. Es wurde am 21. Februar 1986 herausgebracht und gilt als Meilenstein des Thrash Metals. Es war das letzte Album, das Metallica mit Cliff Burton am Bass aufnahmen. Burton starb noch im selben Jahr bei einem Busunfall in Schweden während einer Bandtour. Master of Puppets wird als eines der prägendsten Metal-Alben aller Zeiten betrachtet.



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  • Masterpiece!
  • Your ratings are fucked, dude. [2]
  • Your ratings are fucked, dude.
  • My rating 6.2 out of 10
  • Fucking amazing record their fourth best and what a classic this record is ❤️ \m/
  • This album is being called overrated only for those who werent there. Thats the only reason behind this kind of coment.
  • rating 10.10
  • Still, it was for its time. There was no other record in 1986 that sounded like this, or be my guest and point me towards one. I don't mean like massively innovative either, like Hendrix or something, but it was still innovative. I mean, "The Thing That Should Not Be" sounds like a Black Album track to me, five years before that album even came out. It's intro is reminiscent to that of Nirvana's "Come As You Are" as well. My point is, this album was a mid-80's album, and it sure doesn't sound typically 80's to my ears, unlike Kill 'Em All and Ride The Lightning that both sound very 80's NWoBHM-thrash. This album is so much more than NWoBHM-wanking thrash. Cliff's classical bass-playing style and writing really shows for it if nothing else.
  • Even if this album is far from innovative (unlike Kill 'Em All and Ride The Lightning) it's still great and much better than everything they released afterwards.

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