• a top 10 for the moment

    25. Feb. 2008, 7:55 von ViolenceUpfront

    i guess these are my top ten albums at the moment, faggot! and, reviews. and shit... W_D
    for all you know, though, i hate this crap! NO SOLIDARITY!!

    by the way, why the hell do windows folders always freeze on MY computer? as opposed to them freezing on YOURS? damn. it usually happens when i move files. fuck this, i'm committing suicide!

    1. Luke Vibert - vols 1-5
    yeah, only pussies don't listen to jungle, all of the time. original rudebwoy, blah blah blah. gotta love those siren samples! and amen break is all you need, dude. forget making your own beats you uninspired waste of... SHITFUCK

    2. The Forms- Icarus
    dickheads think the self-titled is more creative or something. maybe you find psytrance imaginative! so much consistency on this album, yet such idiosyncrasies in each song. "classical" and "sunday" being the standout trax.

    3. Regrets - New Directions: Results Beat Boasts
    people should listen to "real" post-hardcore, all of the time. and stop calling gyroscope by that name. …