• Happy Birthday Dady

    18. Aug. 2009, 19:09 von Sax-Moryson

    Happy Birthday to my senior member of my band Sax & Moryson / G.M.Orchestra / Orchestra de Blonde / E.Th.Orkester / Gina Moryson and other. My Dad Helmut Moryson on 20.08.2009 , 83 years old.

    Music Was My Life

    .... said my father Helmut Moryson to me. Actually, he had with this one sentence and said everything looks good on 80 years of musicians life. Starting as an oboe soloist in Germany must he later as a musician his wife and 8 children to feed, this has never been easy.

    In honor of his birthday, I wanted to mention this.

    Here is a brief biography, only the first few years:

    Helmut Moryson geboren am 20.08.1926 in Essen, Sohn von Herman Moryson geb. in Witten (Musiker)

    als Tenorsänger im Paulus-Chor und im
    Opern-Chor der Oper Essen

    1936 -1940
    Ausbildung in Klavier und Gesang in der Privatmusikschule
    Professor Patzik

    1940 Kauf einer eigenen Waldzither mit 9 Seiten

    1940-1943 Aktiv im Kruppsche MusikInstrumental-Verein unter Leitung von