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  • Musician Matthew Herbert on 'bringing down the government' (c) independent.co.uk. GO BOY!
  • lol shipping news cover art
  • the end of silence is challenging...
  • how could you dont love this music
  • The End of Silence is a little scary with headphones.
  • v fools
  • That pig lived longer and better life than others
  • shame his neck isn't the one getting slit after a year.
  • Did he really sampled the sound of an unborn child? /fool
  • Will there be ONE HUMAN?
  • "After all the questioning, controversy, head scratching, mud, straw and blood of the One Pig record, I felt like making some old-fashioned dance music. "
  • http://soundcloud.com/stefkovic-van-interesse/urban-kids
  • i like Scale
  • Matthew Herbert’s One Pig will be performed live on Friday 18th May at RNCM as part of the 2012 FutureEverything festival. The avant-garde musician has created an electronica album that captures the sounds of an anonymous pig’s life on a Kent farm, through to its death at an abattoir, and the consumption of the meat at a banquet hosted in its honour. http://futureeverything.org/music/matthew-herbert/
  • 'one club' blowing my mind! he did a very good job!
  • Berlin is one of the most touching songs i've ever heard.
  • the volume dynamics of my recomposed mahler symphony x are fucking nuts... whenever herbert's electronics come in it literally scares me shitless.
  • Czekam na jego koncert odkąd mając 13 lat usłyszałem "The Audience".
  • See U in Katowice Pierwszy! ><
  • dont tell me im gonna be one of you eltronika nerds now
  • Check out our review of One Pig: http://www.undertheradarmag.com/reviews/matthew_herbert_one_pig/
  • rip pig
  • What a sound! What a production. He spent too much time with those pigs.
  • fuck these pigs
  • one pig goes hard
  • one pig gip eno
  • one pig is amazing
  • One Pig sounds incredible
  • One Pig is weird shit. It's quite fascinating though.
  • what a marvelous work on Life in a Day soundtrack.
  • yes.
  • Beautiful ... micro, deep and sensual
  • One One is gorgeous.
  • Awesome
  • Great!~
  • I love the Gustav Mahler record! Thank you!
  • a-ost: you are wrong. great album. techno 21.century.
  • @kandelabra One Club!
  • One Club is amazing.
  • Has he ever recorded something comparable to Plat du jour?
  • mad production skills
  • yeaaaaaa
  • Plat du Jour, still his best
  • Some pictures of his show with the Matthew Herbert Big Band in Berlin in 2009: http://www.popkontext.de/index.php/2010/08/12/matthew-herbert-big-band-am-29-1-2009-im-hebbel-am-ufer-berlin/
  • Great
  • review new album Matthew Herbert «One One» (2010) http://muzalbom.ru/electronic/matthew-herber.html
  • MH IS A GENIUS, and that might be an understatement.... Absolutely magnificent!
  • Whens the next album out. One One is starting to really hit a chord with me now and he was great @ Sonar from what I saw
  • he releases both under Matthew Herbert and Herbert, take a look at his website http://www.matthewherbert.com/discography.php
  • nice


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