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Mathias Grassow was born in Wiesbaden, Germany in 1963. From the start, music has always been a deep passion. He played drums and guitar in the 70s and moved on to keyboards in the early 80s. Mathias became increasily fascinated with the flexibility and possibility inherent in keyboards and electronics and created experimental electronic music between traditional german and 'New-Age' styles. Since the late 80s he has specialized in synthesizer drones and myriad forms of overtone music and explored their effect on the human psyche - similar to the old indian NADH-Yoga, by using his voice, tamburas, cithers, flutes, guitars, singing-bowls and some home-built instruments. More and more Mathias fell in love with the spiritual power in music, specially found in overtone and subharmonic chant, long deep synthesizer drones and in north indian raga-music. He was influenced by the famous singing-bowl sounds of KLAUS WIESE (ex Popol Vuh member) and their spiritual power within made Mathias very interested in the 'spiritual energy flow' and 'real charge' in music. Nostalgia is one of some projects, Mathias is exploring the posibilities to transfer his ideas in modern electronic music, sounds and songs.

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