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The Hunter (5:18)


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  • very Hetfieldish, very soulful, very beautiful
  • 4:30 omg yes
  • One of the best solos I have ever heard. <3
  • Best Godsmack song.
  • Gothic tag.
  • Fapping to this solo is obligatory
  • Mastodon - The Hetfield [4]
  • Favourite mastodon song.
  • That solo, fucking hell the emotion
  • DUDE, that fucking solo. The rest of the song is top notch too, but that fucking solo... woah
  • is there an instrumental version of this track?
  • This is probably one of my favorite Mastodon solos, because you can feel the emotion pouring out of Brent's hands. [2]
  • I feel like a hooded hunter in a dark primeval forest breathing slowly in the cold air, holding my crossbow and aiming at a deer, my dog on my side is ready to launch a deadly blow as it kneels and exposes it's teeth.
  • Seeing this solo live on a double-neck has made the song all the more epic every time I listen to it now
  • Sologasm
  • Mastodon's slower songs have so often been their best.
  • Anyone else getting Enslaved vibes from this?
  • Beautiful.
  • this seems to be even better than my previous favourite among their songs(Aqua Dementia)!
  • "The Czar's slower parts". Isn't that a really nice name for some progressive metal band?
  • kaunista
  • (probably) my favourite off this album [2]
  • Yes. Very nice Beatles reference.
  • Brent with a nice beatles reference.
  • Haha, Mastodon - The Hetfield [3]
  • Mastodon - The Hetfield [2]
  • Free from it all, breathe in the darkest fall, we laugh and cry throught a brother's eyes for now...
  • beautiful!
  • This is becoming one of my favorites now..
  • Brent Hinds fucking kills it on this one!
  • DAT SOLO [2]
  • Not Metallica, but surely Black Sabbath
  • its like metallica. except its much better.
  • Second song that sounds incredibly like The Czar's slower parts. I guess it's the scale and the drum beat.
  • This is the music of legends, but with a guy who looks like a perpetually stoned, face tattooed version of chewbacca and a guy with a beard the pride of a viking king singing, what the heck are you to expect? Nothing less!
  • I have to admit that I really like new album. The Hunter is one of my fav on this one :)
  • Best on the album imo.
  • Troy voice on the chorus *_*
  • Amazingly eerie atmosphere, especially if you think about the meaning of the lyrics.One of the best songs of the year for me.
  • "Letting go, your spirit flies..." Fucking amazing song.
  • All the love I've shown - given to the ones I've known. All the love I make - is equal to the love I take. Life is fleeting fast - be careful for what you ask... along the way... <3
  • Amazing song.
  • The solo <3
  • wow.... need I say more
  • Fuuuuuuuuck yes!
  • I carry a bucket with me for the last 2:30 or so, that way I can collect my face, and then dump it back over my head, rinse repeat
  • brent hinds systematically melts my face as this song goes on.
  • Mastodon - The Hetfield


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