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  • Scream Queens brought me here.
  • Martika will be performing in Seattle on 6/28/15
  • Nice and powerful voice, fine albums!
  • One-hit wonder :(
  • Everyone always forgets about her- they only remember Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. [2] :(
  • Everyone always forgets about her- they only remember Tiffany and Debbie Gibson.
  • ¿Qué ha pasado con el álbum? si lo tenía terminado ya! no entiendo nada :(
  • Toy Soldiers <3
  • ^_^
  • Holy crap, she has had a lot of "work done" on her body!
  • New album?
  • ¿Qué ha pasado con su concierto en España y la gira por Australia, cómo es posible que cancelara todos los conciertos, dónde está su "nuevo" álbum?
  • Classics!!!! :-D
  • i hope everything from the new album is 90034830943 times better than "Flow With the Go", it's just bad.
  • What happened with the album "The Mirror Ball"?
  • The second single from The Mirror Ball will be "SloMo Tion"!
  • She's starting to announce her tour dates for The Mirror Ball Tour. Everyone keep an eye out for her coming to your town. So far, tour dates for Australia have been announced!
  • I finally bought her debut album :) Been looking for it for soooo long!
  • Love...Thy Will Be Done. Was that written by Prince?
  • Love her voice!!! :-)
  • Martika's official store is now open!
  • I'm listening to Flow With The Go for the first time on Spotify.
  • New video is also now on Youtube and of course here on her page. Love it! Such a fun concept for a lighthearted song! Looking forward to hearing the rest of The Mirror Ball!
  • Flow With The Go new video!!
  • her debut album is so similar to Madonna's style
  • wow, how does she have only one hit? only one number one... :O she's so good!
  • Classic Songs for the FUTURE!!! :-)
  • With the arrival of new music, means the arrival of new pics. Let's try voting up some of these. Pick your fave.
  • mmm it may grow on me but on a few listens to the new single I think Martika's music days should remain in the late 80s/early 90s.
  • FLOW WITH THE GO is on iTunes WORLDWIDE!!!!!!!!!
  • FLOW WITH THE GO is on amazon: note this is the FINAL mastered version and is totally different from the preview
  • FLOW WITH THE GO is on cdbaby: itunes shortly!!
  • You can hear FLOW WITH THE GO in it's entirety! It will be available VERY SOON!
  • Martika just wrote to me on Twitter. It was very exciting. I just wrote that I was looking forward to hearing Flow With The Go and that the snippet sounded Amazing, and she wrote back "Thank You So Much!!!" Very sweet of her!
  • Hey everyone, just so you're aware, it's going to take a few days for the single to propagate to all digital music outlets. Be patient. It's worth the wait!
  • Flow With The Go in 6 Days!!!!! So FREAKIN' EXCITED!!!!!!!!
  • "Flow With The Go"!!!!!
  • Looking forward to "Flow with the go", Martika is back!! (2)
  • Looking forward to "Flow with the go", Martika is back!!
  • 2 months until "Flow with the go" :D
  • Yah Baby! "Flow With The Go" single coming January 12th, 2012, "The Mirror Ball" Album coming February 12th, 2012. I can't wait to see her on tour, it's gonna be Nostalgia-tastic!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ooooh very excited!!!!! 12 hours to go!
  • BIG ANNOUNCEMENT this Friday, 11/11/11!!!!!
  • can't wait for the new album! have "love...thy will be done" on mega-repeat!
  • We're so close to receiving a release date for the comeback album. I'm so FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!
  • Official site is up!
  • Im excited for her comeback <3
  • shout out to toy soldiers
  • Official Martika page is up on Facebook now!!/pages/MARTIKA/251459878214139


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