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    8. Mai. 2011, 17:18 von heydg

  • jazz time rijeka

    19. Mai. 2008, 8:52 von adssler

    Hm, after long long time, i had an opportunity to attend an jazz event in rijeka. it was apsolutely f@"%ing great.
    i didn't expect to experience the music of this rank in rijeka. i didn't expect i'll be listening such artists here, and that there is a audience that would appreciate this kind of events in such numbers. so, i had a gr8 time this weekend, and i am looking foreward to this event next year. i guess croatia doesn't sound that bad at this moment. ;)
    i saw lots of summer festivals that take place in the nearby so i hope to attend quite a number of them. like, hartera festival, rokaj fest and most probably exit festival in serbia. so i'll have a busy summer. ;)) i would like to attend vip in music festival, but it's in the middle of week, and i have exams on very days festival takes place... :((
    anyway, i strongly recomend listening to artists i have put on connection with this entry. i couldn't tell which on from them i liked more, as they all have something special, and appear to be from different band of jazz…