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  • I love you so fucking much. Thanks for getting me through high school, drug addiction, multiple pregnancies, and all the other little dramas of life. COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITH OUT YOU!!
  • fucking perfect band jfc i love it so much
  • Finally listened to the new album. God damn this band got boring.
  • this is a good band.
  • Flying Saucer Blues is brilliant.
  • Sling Shot to Heaven is just heavenly... their fifth studio album and they haven't let me down, not even once!
  • I love you so fucking much. Thanks for getting me through high school, drug addiction, and all the other little dramas of life. COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITH OUT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
  • This band is just so perfect! I feel so good whenever I hear one of their song. All the albums are great and I coudn't tell which one is my favorite. Can't wait to see them live one day!
  • come to the northwest!
  • Sling Shot To Heaven is absolutely perfect. Kukawalkajuu, I have the Vivian Kubrick demo.
  • come to Europe goddammit!
  • so, this is probably unlikely, but does anybody happen to have the Vivian Kubrick demo? it used to be on soundcloud, but disappeared a while ago. it always pops into my head, and i'd love to hear it again!
  • great live
  • The Payphone Single... awesome! Looking forward to the new album.
  • Perfection.
  • My god, "A Journalist Falls in Love..." is going to be one of my songs for the year.
  • I was at the Bootleg too, and it was pretty damned fantastic. They really are just what you want out of a band bringing the album tracks to life. I loved it, and totally recommend catching them live to anyone with the opportunity. Dinosaur Feathers was a really great opener too. Unfortunately only saw literally a minute or two of the first act.
  • Oh man it was a perfect night last night best live show ever.
  • Fuck yeah seeing them today :)
  • Rot Gut is amazing, Buzzard had a few good songs, but I didn't love the whole thing. While their sound has changed Rot Gut is more similar to the brilliance to Dust in Retreat, Not Animal and Animal!
  • Buzzard is the worst Margot album , but still good <- agreed. Margot is awesome & every album has its specific climat and vibe, but the Buzzard's one is the least characteristic one I think. The music is still great though.
  • Buzzard is ok, but it's probably my least favorite margot album. rot gut was a lot more memorable right off the bat. Their new direction isn't nearly as enjoyable as their old baroque rock sound, but if Richard is really sick of it and feels like this is what he wants to do, more power to him. Their music is still enjoyable.
  • What can i say about margot & the Nuclear so & so's well :D i love them honestly everyday of my life sence i discoverd them like a year or 2 ago its been nothing but them in my ears like nothing else literally thats all my phone has is them n they never get old they're music inspires me , n im sure others , n + their music is fun to paly on gutair :DD so :D all i can say is just amazing form the begining to the end , they help make like a lil bit easyer
  • Anyone else having trouble scrobbling rot gut? Weird stuff.
  • guru_mosh :D
  • Eh, Buzzard's still my favorite. I really like the new album, but don't quite like it as much. It'll probably grow on me though.
  • Margot Honecker & das nie in Betrieb genommene Atomkraftwerk in Stendal (DDR)
  • there's no way they can outperform Dust of Retreat... i miss all the strings, the piano notes and the harmonizing.
  • Fisher of Men, favorite track - reminiscent of Pavement repetitive choppy power chords, background ambient percussion, rattled opening, slow build of instrumentation.
  • There are some really awesome songs on buzzard, like "will you love me forever", lunatic, your lower back. so shut up already
  • LOL @ the Buzzard comments. I'm listening to Rot Gut, Domestic now and I must say it's already giving me a better feeling than Buzzard. Buzzard was a transition album full of filler. Rot Gut sounds completely fresh. This is just first impressions though. Who knows what the long term affair with this new album will look like. Up until this point, I've only been able to get through. I find I listen of Dust of Retreat more than anything else, anyway.
  • Buzzard is the worst Margot album , but still good
  • What's with the hate for Buzzard? I didn't really like it at first either, but it's grown on me to the point where it's my favorite album of theirs. Still haven't heard the new one yet, though.
  • "the new one is so much better than Buzzard. Buzzard was really disappointing." This.
  • My newest favorite band. So glad I found them. Loving the hell out of Buzzard, especially, looking forward to hearing the new album.
  • the new one is so much better than Buzzard. Buzzard was really disappointing.
  • @catchingsignals I agree. I love their new style.
  • Love the new album. And Buzzard. Not enough love for their newer stuff...I like their harder tunes just as much as DoR, if not more.
  • :\
  • i need a new album
  • Bookworm ♥
  • Most Original Band Ever!!!
  • @ johnsingh89 try this -->
  • anyone know where I can get the demos for Animal, Dust of retreat, and Buzzard
  • Amazing amazing amazing! But The Dust of Retreat will always be my favorite from them. A Sea Chanty of Sorts = Chills everytime her voice comes in.
  • Stream the new song Prozac Rock here:
  • The Dust of Retreat is one of my favorite albums ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It's ridiculous how much I love this band.
  • i retract my statement about buzzard, it has just grown me and is just as good as their other releases.


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