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Marduk ist eine Black-Metal-Band, die 1990 in Norrköping (Schweden) gegründet wurde. Der Name leitet sich vom babylonischen Stadt-Gott Marduk ab. Die Songs der Band zeichnen sich durch eine brachiale Härte aus, die Songtexte behandeln zumeist den Satanismus, Tod und Krieg.

Die Band wurde laut offizieller Biographie mit dem Ziel gegründet, die satanistischste und blasphemischste Band aller Zeiten zu werden. Nach dem Demo „Fuck Me Jesus“ unterzeichneten sie 1991 zunächst einen Plattenvertrag mit dem schwedischen Label No Fashion. Sie begannen mit… mehr erfahren



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  • temno-tepop are you ok?
  • tepop made me cry
  • v: Source?
  • btw. new album confirmed
  • cool story bro [2]
  • nobody cares tepop if u don't like it anymore be quiet thanks bye
  • I think their first four albums are their best, but Frontschwein delivered too!
  • ))))
  • cool story bro
  • Part2: And I catch their point. After some time in this, when I saw another metalhead I actually labeled him a "jack-ass" and made fun of him, rather then considering him a worthy person to become buddies and drinking companions. It's a bold statement but the metal genre started.. and ended as well - with BLACK SABBATH. What's the point of "dressing-up" if you're not an artist performing on-stage? And there's actually a small group of METAL-bands, with lyrics that depict life-issues and point out social problems, that are actually worth anything (such as thrash bands like Megadeth, Voivod or Xentrix) but it's still ThRASH anyway. "Fist-Fucking God's Planet" a title like that..who's attention it would draw? Only a total retard. Despite being an atheist i prefer Catholics over long-haired lefties with no moral values. You guys really think you are scary, hardcore SATANIC bad-asses but you're actually being mocked and laughed-at by the society in a similar way to the LGBT communities

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