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  • very intense...their best :)
  • my friends description while showing me this song: "He sings for a bit then cries for his mom" ...MOMMMMMM!
  • “And I say you can be anyway that you wanna be How I’ll be, that’s up to me”
  • No other MP track comes close to beating this!
  • Yep, to much like comfortably numb. Just added two chords to the verses.
  • "This song is about pain."
  • I love this one...
  • i fall in love all over again.
  • wow.
  • Oh I love this... awesome for thinking. Or chilling. So beautiful.
  • I love this song. =]
  • Comfortably numb?
  • :))))))))))
  • This song's like the drug real good shit lol
  • fantastic song from a magnificent album. Their newest album (came out in July 2009) is pretty great also
  • Definitely their best song. Ever. Ever. Ever.
  • .sniffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.
  • makes me cry[2]
  • makes me cry
  • Isto é mesmo muito bonito
  • Marcy Playground is such a great band
  • I´m writing this while I´m listening to this Track. It makes me happy, it makes me closing my eyes while I´m writing... while I´m happy they sing that they´re happy... wow. I... I wish this track would last longer then I think I could start feeling the music, I could start crying and rolling up and down...
  • so happy...
  • This song is utterly amazing. I love it so so so so much.
  • in a heaven..
  • GRrrr... ¨ ! ¨
  • Love this song... Puts me to sleep..<3
  • Aw such a true song.
  • Opium > Sex & Candy
  • not one of their best, but still an awesome song.
  • So much better than Sex and Candy.
  • lovely melancholy

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