• Albums of 2013 (180 - 166)

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    Albums of 2013http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/077/9/7/day04_hallucination_by_clayrodery-d5yj4s5.gif

    180 – 166

    [Editor's Note:] Goddamn it hahah, I already fucked up.

    Math never was one of my strengths, and this is a good example!

    I accidentally put too many albums on the last list update. There are 13 days this month that will have updates and 211 total reviews, so I was going to do 15 albums a day (except for the first day, which would have more). So the last one you read should have only gone to album #181.

    Sorry! This section has ten album reviews you already read on it but at least now you can read them without being rushed.

    Sorry, I'll try not to fuck it up again haha

    On the bright side, someone pointed out that Jesse's Civil Wars review had an entire margin taken out in the last update (can't believe I missed that) so I fixed the typos in it.

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