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  • new album does me proud
  • In love with run wild
  • Run Wild is amazing.
  • Pretty solid
  • i just heard "past life"... i missed you guys. ♥
  • Can't wait for the new album!
  • Very excited for their new album
  • My life would be so differen't without this band, I owe so much to this band.
  • I did a new vocal cover. it would be awesome if u could give me some feedback under the video. thanks.
  • illuminate is a beautiful album.
  • Devil<3
  • It's like Arcade Fire but not shit.
  • The fact that I will never see Illumiate-era Lydia really upsets me.
  • Awesome new album. [4]
  • Love Illuminate but Devil has my heart :)
  • lydia aren't the same without maria or mindy
  • i loved everythign except devil. it is very straightforward rock and lacking the creativity and instrumentation that made the other albums so great in my opinion. obviously illuminate will always be the best, they haven't topped it yet...
  • Their first two albums are amazing, Devil is pretty good too. Not really a fan of Paint It Golden and Assailants though.
  • why would anyone say that lydia can't exist without a female vocalist. mindy white was basically a backing vocalist. she never was in the spotlight. not saying she isn't great or anything, but her role in the band was pretty trivial, to be honest.
  • Well, I didn't get into the Orlando show. Such is life.
  • Come to Australia pls. n_n
  • I am so excited to see them play in Orlando!!!!
  • australian tour..? <3
  • Amazing song!!!!
  • i <3 you! I want to see you in concert again!
  • "Devil" is by far the best CD Lydia has released since "Illuminate". Everything about it is so perfect. I felt like their last 2 releases missed the mark & were dumbed down & bland overall to be honest but with "Devil" I feel as though they're back on track heading in the direction they should be. That's just my own personal opinion.
  • ricin
  • One of the best bands that has ever existed
  • Devil is different, but people evolve, emotions change, and music is made. Glad Leighton's lyrics are over Haley and on to greener pastures. Personally would love to have the old sound come back with the more darker and sadder tones, "Always Move Fast" is one of my favorite tracks. I think Wayapaya summed it up well, but I would go back to say where "This December.." felt like grey skies and cold days, "Devil" feels like blue skies and warm days.
  • I love Lydia <3
  • "lydia just cant exist without a female vocalist say what you want but their original sound was perfect" While i'm not one to argue about pointless things but your first statement is incorrect. They have in fact released two full-lengths and an EP without a female vocalist and they've all been solid releases. Devil is my favorite album of theirs, with the exception of Illuminate...
  • Awesome new album. [3]
  • whereas Illuminate feels like rain, I think Devil feels like sunlight. [2]
  • lydia just cant exist without a female vocalist say what you want but their original sound was perfect
  • i woke up by the sea...
  • Gib mal Kuss auf Lydia.
  • Yeah. Judge it instead by the horrible album cover!
  • Awesome new album. {2}
  • I thought I was over this band but the new album is really pretty good.
  • Awesome new album.
  • kind of loosing interest in this band now, the cinema has way more potential then any future lydia album without a female vocalist.
  • Devil is different and so, so good. I guess I'm forever stuck loving this band. [5]
  • While I agree with the review below, and normally would not support continued use of a band name after such drastic changes in personnel, collaboration, and attitude, I think Lydia has always somehow managed to maintain this progression in terms of the story all of the albums seem to tell. With the departure of Mindy/a female vocalist, Leighton shifted from the "where I have been" (regret) to the "where I'm going" (optimism) theme lyrically, in terms of relationships, starting on Paint It Golden. He's managed to almost make it seem like the whole thing was planned in the name of telling a greater story. Nothing will ever be Illuminate but that doesn't make the newer albums any less valuable in the progression Lydia has always been a part of, regardless of who is contributing a majority of the music.
  • great new album!
  • hurry back good
  • whereas Illuminate feels like rain, I think Devil feels like sunlight.
  • Yeah, Devil's awesome. The title track and From A Tire Swing are just incredible.
  • haha wishful thinking!
  • No way is that Mindy.
  • is it mindy on the right of the devil artwork!?


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