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  • Havn't heared about you until I saw you live. You sucked. Never more.
  • just found out about the new shit, dah fuq happened?
  • New album is so good. It's definitely a lot of differences between "Lower Than Atlantis" and other albums, but I think the new one is well done! Great as always.
  • На одноимённом релизе есть очень хитовые треки, такие можно по радио или в магазинах крутить, позитивный альбом
  • Saw them a few years ago in Belgium with Suffokate, FTFD, Poison My Blood and The Ghost Inside. Don't know if it was because that wasn't their place (all deathcore and metalcore), but they did a shitty show and I didn't like them. But when I listened to them back at home I totally fell in love with their music. Can't wait to see them live again and give em a second oportunity.
  • Does anybody know why the album version of "Extra! Extra! Read All About It" on Far Q cuts out around the 1:15 mark? I've listened to the song in its entirety on youtube, so I don't think it's intentional. I bought the .mp3 version of Far Q from the record label's website, so it's not like it's because I ripped it illegally off the internet.
  • Here We Go are so good
  • 2 3d9y 4 ya
  • Here We Go <3
  • yeah bretton is 100% etid I don't hear the influence in their other records tho
  • Definite ETID influences!
  • great band <3
  • is anyone in here want to give me the acoustic EP? I've been looking for this EP but i couldnt find it on iTunes Asia :(
  • such great lads, they deserve much more recognition
  • infinitely in love with this band
  • they killed it in Cologne last night!!
  • Fantastic live band! I did a review of their latest gig in London, see link below
  • Another Sad Song is beautiful
  • Amazing live band
  • Bretton still reminds me of a british Hot Damn!
  • something better came along
  • I used to be obsessed with this band, glad to see they're moving up in the world. Far Q was a monster of an album.
  • good band.
  • Liking the new album =)
  • fucking awesome.
  • Changing Tune isn't too bad, of course Go On Strike is amazing. But after Normally Strange the songs just blend in a bit too much in my opinion.
  • Best song on the album? Go On Strike, what a tune
  • We just posted our review of "Changing Tune" at Check it out!
  • Go On Strike is such a banger. that riff is awesome
  • They were really good live last night, although thoroughly disappointed they only play the title track from Far Q, that was by far their best album.
  • New album is the weakest from the three, but still manages to renew their status as the kings of modern british rock for me.
  • yeah i feel the same way, a lot of songs blends together which makes the regular album sound a bit boring. it could have been more diverse if they had thrown the deluxe tracks (they're pulling a Biffy Clyro or what ?). i suggest to make our own Changing Tune tracklisting to make it sound nearly as good as World Record.
  • Totally agree. I love LTA but Changing Tune is quite mono tonal, and there's a lot of tracks that kinda feel like they could have been thrown together in a day and chucked on there. Weakest album, still decent though,
  • changing tune is okay. mike hyped it up so much and then it was just really disappointing. so much filler.
  • I want to like Changing Tune but I just can't get all that into it. I don't know. Disappointed.
  • Changing Tune is alright, didn't grab me by the balls like Far Q did and isn't as catchy and stuck in my head as World Record. Time will tell though I guess
  • Damn Bretton, what happened. [2]
  • Can anybody put up a 320kbps download for the Deluxe Edition of Changing Tune? I need something to tide me over until I can buy the album.
  • I don't know about changing tune... Maybe it just has to grow on me a bit. :/ Go on strike and Love Someone Else are still brilliant songs though.
  • meh.
  • Changing Tune is unbelievably shit.
  • Me Gusta Reviews:
  • Damn Bretton, what happened.
  • The opening riff to "Normally Strange" is strangely similiar to Smashing Pumpkins' "Zero"
  • This is not southern rock, this is shit.
  • unusuall guys and really great example of hardworking band for me!
  • Screamo tag, the fuck?


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