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  • Love the new stuff & missed them.
  • They deserve more listeners.. [4]
  • They deserve more listeners.. [3]
  • They're working on new material for a 2015 release.
  • They deserve more listeners.. [2]
  • wow, they're still together?
  • They deserve more listeners..
  • Salt Of The Earth <3
  • "we'll fight through hipster hell"?
  • everything starts where it ends <3
  • The track "Dinosaur" won't play for some reason, you may want to contact It's a great track though!
  • Check out this great podcast with Lovedrug. Cool insight into their music:
  • His voice is my Lovedrug. Rrrrrock on!
  • I'm so consumed with "Wild Blood". I'm pretty critical about bands' new albums. Especially after a long delay. "Wild Blood" was worth every minute of the wait. It might be their best album already. "Everything Starts Where It Ends" might still hold that title, but not for long. Both are sooo good!
  • It's funny how I can pick out other band influences specifically for each album: 1) Sunny Day Real Estate, 2) Muse (and a lot of other bombastic bands, I guess), 3) Queens of the Stone Age, 4) U2. Does anyone else get the U2 vibe from this new one?
  • My review of the new record:
  • <3
  • Hopefully pick up the album tomorrow. Ordered it on violet vinyl last week. Stoked to get it.
  • The new songs from the new album are great, although I like the EP versions of past songs more than the album versions (Ladders, Pink Champagne, etc). Favorites off the new album are easily Dinosaur, Wild Blood, and Revival. Only song I'm not really a fan of is Girl. Also, am I the only one that really kind of detests the guitar solo in Dinosaur?
  • Loving Wild Blood more with continuous listens
  • 'Wild Blood' really is an awesome album.
  • New record is great!
  • Will definitely continue listening to this. Definitely. :)
  • I'm surprised by their amount of listeners too.
  • Mmm Lovedrug. I love the dark intensity of most of their songs. "Salt of The Earth" gives me feelings.
  • Can't believe the low amount of plays on here. Insane.
  • constantly pumping out quality music! Love these guys, c'mon people get their name around, they are so good!
  • paper scars <3
  • v lol
  • Southern Knell is gorgeous. To think that a band named after a cherished carpet could make such beautiful music.
  • This band has so much talent and such an amazing sound live.
  • so underrated. by far one of my favorite bands [3]
  • so underrated. by far one of my favorite bands [2]
  • This is amazing stuff.
  • <3
  • I've been jamming EP3 since it came in. Can't wait for the new album. There's a good chance I'll have to make a road trip to see these guys play live.
  • EP part 3 is AMAZING.
  • nice.
  • so underrated. by far one of my favorite bands
  • крутые.
  • шикарные)
  • Amazing
  • More free music :P
  • Underrated so much.
  • Sucker Punched - The Alternative LP is one of the best albums I've heard... ironic.
  • Diggin the new exclusives with I Am Lovedrug. Good idea too.
  • love these guys.
  • Doomsday and the Echo
  • I think this shoutbox needs more Lovin' ;)
  • "Miss California" is really awesome.


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