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  • Love Lost But Not Forgotten at Ziggy's in Winston Salem, North Carolina. 7-4-2001
  • one man screamo/powerviolence/noisecore from belgrade, serbia.
  • one-piece band from indonesia. if you love some like orchid, ampere, saetia, etc.
  • do you think i could pay these guys $50 to play my birthday party
  • I forgot just how incredible this band was.
  • Now THIS is screamo
  • If anyone knows of any chaotic screamo with high as fuck screams like these guys, send some recommendations my way!!
  • this nigga must have some crazy strong vocal chords
  • nice band name
  • i have the phrase "What's Left of 'Shitlife' " stuck in my head all the time. ugh
  • love lost but not forgotten is lost but not forgotten!
  • lol'd
  • Forgot how fucking awesome these guys were. [4]
  • I'm not sure if you can die from it. But I'm going fucking crazy sleeping on the floor.
  • Forgot how fucking awesome these guys were. [3]
  • Forgot how fucking awesome these guys were. [2]
  • Forgot how fucking awesome these guys were.
  • How can everyone be so cruel?
  • Реальные пацаны))
  • So so so so so good! WHY have I been ignoring this?!
  • Да они ебанутые на голову, но крутыйе
  • сик
  • If you are into DIY Screamo like Orchid, Loma Prieta, La Quiete, or Saetia make sure to listen to CMHWAK radio LIVE EVERY TUESDAY at 6PM Pacific Time at : … playing the best of DIY Emo/Hardcore from early 90s to active bands. For more info go LIKE us on Facebook at For ALL SCREAMO ALL THE TIME talk make sure to check out the #1 active skramz forum on the internet @ :
  • шикарнбл
  • My first emo band
  • harsh as shit.
  • охуе%чиком ребятки
  • brutal screamo... closer to grindcore
  • awesome.
  • dont forget about their split with joshua fit for battle
  • THIS BAND ruled!
  • For you poor bastards who missed the show:
  • This Band must come next Year to the Cry Me A River Festival!!!!<3
  • great band
  • Jiipieee!!!
  • Love Lost But Not Forgotten | Reuion Show Fuck Yeah!*_____________* <3333
  • Nobody's Watching Department 23 is the shit. I'm going to cover it one day, and probably acoustically because I can't scream near that good.
  • swallow is such a strange, awesome song.
  • lol @ them not knowing their own lyrics. I can totally relate.
  • headless,sleeping soundly should be rated higher then 5th though
  • new screamo / emoviolence band from Kazakhstan (Almaty)
  • i know, but i thought that maybe someone already made them
  • they have said themselves that they don't even know the lyrics and to make them up yourself
  • I can't find lyrics to the st, maybe someone could help me?
  • Strabby, совсем таки нет.
  • luv them <3


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