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  • правда, ахуенны
  • death to the doll
  • underrated :)
  • Pussy is great hit!
  • Lords of Acid is another one of my dirty nasty guilty pleasures!
  • no word about dj mea is she still in this band?
  • I need new LoA.
  • Their debut album 'Lust' is a 90s acid house classic. Very sexy in a camp kind of way too. Love it!
  • meow
  • can't get enough of them
  • Lucy's Fucking Sky is one of the best.
  • Paranormal Energy (Kinetic Energy Remix) !!!
  • maybe i'm not into the sex, drugs and fetish themes, but the industrial, trance, dnb, and dub stuffs are awesome, where else can i get it? I haven't found other than LoA that did that
  • When I'm riding you, I slip n' slide on your faaace.
  • I'm a proud Child of Acid. Deep Chills just makes me love them more.
  • My love machine. My maddest dream. Turns me on. Makes me cum.
  • Superstar <3
  • amazing new album
  • Someone needs to fix the new album is not called Deeps Chills it is Deep Chills! The new CD is very hit and miss for me, I like half the songs, the other half are boring. To be fair I am not a huge fan though, this is my first real listen to them since high school almost 20 years ago. I prefer the other naughty bands like Bloodhound Gang and Steel Panther!
  • The Lords are back! Just ordered the album from Metropolis.
  • They're back!
  • great band
  • yeaaaah, + one wonderful band in my life
  • my first love pussy have every version so i can play it at work / getting with the new stuff. that voice is manna
  • If my sex-ed professor were a DJ, they would be Lords of Acid.
  • Massive, show me your pussy, please
  • Follow and Fan Lords of Acid on facebook and Twitter please :) &
  • Pre-Order the NEW Lords of Acid album - Deep Chills!!
  • I sit on acid is in the new Jiz video omg.
  • I like it :D
  • Lust is fantastic. They kinda got... weird, though. I like classic ravey acid house stuff, though. I like the silly, overly sexual lyrics more as samples and vocal bits like in Lust more than in a full-on verse-chorus thing.
  • hmm, i want to see the lords in switzeland ;-)
  • New Album is shit,Drowning In Ecstasy good song.
  • "Drowning In Ecstasy" <3 <3 <3
  • Little Mighty Rabbit is orgasmic. Loving the new vocalist.
  • I never expected to see them making music again! Good old days are back :) Little Mighty Rabbit sounds good but there are certain variations from their original style. I guess I need to take a listen to the entire album before concluding that.
  • Lords of Acid+Rum+Shrooms+weed=Holy fucking shit.
  • The new songs sound so good. <3
  • Ахуены, блять!
  • The Crablouse is amazing;
  • Welcome to my library.
  • <3333
  • nice music, it's a pity they have seriously ridiculous lyrics. i can't stop laughing
  • LORDS ROCKED Phoenix last night !
  • praise the lords!
  • for those of you worrying about the new vocalist: it's not that cunt from rock of love and she's doing an awesome job.
  • Sucker Punch :P
  • Adversity is the first path to truth. Lord Byron


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