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  • Lie Down
  • Lie Down
  • good vibes and choice sounds, cheers!
  • lie down..
  • Шикарнейшее мягкое погружение в нежные объятия теплого космоса
  • I dunno, you can't really compare it to Orbital. Long Range seem much... Spacier than Orbital were. Still absolutely love it.
  • This first album definitely shows promise. I'm looking forward to more!
  • alexmerenkov, c'mon now. Long Range is dope & all, but...
  • wow!! didn`t know it before.
  • stinger... kudos!!!
  • better than orbital! i really love lie down.=)
  • Love the duo, Dispel The Clouds and So Long are the greatest songs.
  • like it...lie down the stand out track for me..
  • superb album, cant wait for the next album :)
  • awesome! lovin this album so far, just got it today, on track 3 now Which Way Now and it reminds me of P.E.T.R.O.L :D and that cant be bad. :D
  • Lie Down was the best off their new album IMO. Three was pretty cool as well.
  • first half of the album is definitely the better half
  • Just One More could be a Crystal Method track
  • I listened to the new album for the first time today. I'm not sure about it yet.
  • Such a sweet album. Really scratches the Orbital itch.
  • I'm all over this....Lie Down is the mut's nuts. Viva la Orbital!
  • Lie Down is lovely ear candy
  • Madness and Me track is brilliant
  • which way now, mid point, its pure early orbital :D
  • LOVE for Long Range.
  • its aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal goooooooooooooooooooooooood. nuff said!

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