• Mix Of The Month - September 2009

    23. Sep. 2009, 2:24 von jurlacher

    Good things about this month: giant pork sandwiches, people being back in Windsor, music.

    Bad things about this month: basically everything else.

    I did some random catching up with 2008 recently and have been enjoying a few things that I missed, most notably Blitzen Trapper and Bishop Allen. Unfortunately their albums as a whole are pretty inconsistent (and even annoying at times), but damn these are some good singles. Although the new Muse album is pretty embarrassing overall, Uprising is a catchy and fun track in spite of its terribleness so I was compelled to include it. There's some electro-pop-ish stuff on here, a bit of hip hop, and the usual assortment of indie and/or rock. I enjoy the unintentional thematic progression of tracks 13-15, and the closing song which is taken from a live session shows a promising future for the Rural Alberta Advantage. Not that I had any doubt.

    There was a lot of overflow this month so next month should also be good.

  • 5SF: november 14

    14. Nov. 2008, 21:23 von duanemoody

    Another Friday, and another fantastic five songs over at duanemoody.com.

    Here they are:
    Tom Baxter - Better
    Take That- Greatest Day
    Logan Lynn - Feed Me to the Wolves
    Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care
    The Folk Implosion - Natural One

    If there is a track that you can't listen to here, be sure to come to my site and listen, and leave a comment letting me know what you think!