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The idea behind Livsnekad began to grow after some conversations by Ulf Nylin and Andreas Larsen in october of 2007. They both felt needed to express another, much gloomy and much more emotional side of music than they experienced in other musicial projects that they've had throughout the years. Soon after the idea was born the first track was recorded and that's how this journey starts. A homerecorded EP was…

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  • Nostalgisk Katarsis is really great!
  • Dessa brutna master och sönderslitna segel.
  • Forever in my heart.... ♥
  • @PrologVanskapt Honestly, Acacia is getting more familiar with my ears and musical anticipation. People can make a emotional connection with the bands which they listened to those, can't they? Sometimes we all need a constant, routunized life. It's all about personal stuff.
  • Livsnekad played out it's purpose so there was no need to follow through with under that monicker. Also, "Tills döden skiljer oss åt" is so vastly different compared to the old material that it would have felt like "lying" to release it as Livsnekad. iseesadpeople: I'm not quite sure if I follow your post, could you elaborate?
  • I agree with KillerCLbee, about the name changing... I think, there is no need to make the band more "Post" This is a fucking fashion and it's palling on. Same tunes, same partitions, same cover arts (Flowers, pixy fairies and other gay stuff...) Livsnekad was different and special for me. But it became fashional.
  • Well that was a stupid idea, there are more bands with that name they changed to now.
  • Yes...
  • Wait what are you saying? They changed name?
  • Fuckin great!

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